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Jan 4, 2001 02:43 PM

What foods are best, served off the naked body?

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[I've reposted this from the "Not About Food Board" as it wasn't clear to me in which board it should belong. Most posts here seem to be restaurant reviews.]


Anyone recall that sensuous mouth-to-mouth egg yolk exchange in the Japanese flick "Tampopo"?

I want to prepare some sensuous foods I can eat off the stomach, thighs and neighboring regions of my girlfriend in front of my roaring fireplace. Any suggestions? I tried simple ice cream, then ice, once which brought a startled reaction, and perhaps not the desired effect. (Not wanting to stiffle my efforts, perhaps she kept mum the less than warm experience.) The champagne, we both agreed, was fun.

What about spice (perhaps a food which might produce a similar spicy heat on the skin as it does on the tongue)? Sweet? Shapes? Any particularly pleasurable experiences to share? (Whipped cream, too banal, and I simply can't see egg yolks.)

Please don't tell me I've been watching too many french movies. Serious replies only...or as best you can do. :P

--socially conservative in DC

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  1. Check out video/movie "Hot Shots" with Charlie Sheen--

    1. j
      Jason "The Jersey Antichrist" Perlow

      As I said

      is the definitive peice on the subject.

      HMMM! Lets see if this post disappears again.

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      1. re: Jason "The Jersey Antichrist" Perlow

        This is great, a part of just what I was looking for. It's actually a substantive piece on the substantial topic, addressing the theory and the practice.

        Who would have thought popcorn and pretzels?

        Thanks. I hope your post doesn't disappear, nor mine.