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Dec 27, 2000 12:14 PM

Birthday in B'more

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Can anyone recommend a nice place for dinner in Baltimore?

The requirements:

Entrees under $20; several veggie options.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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  1. I'm really fond of the Brewers Art - great beer and a nice dining area.

    Another thought - if you go to the back bar of the Brass Elephant you can get the same food that they are ordering downstairs for fewer $$s. It's a good way to scare up a great meal on the cheap.

    Happy B'day to whomever is the proper recipient.

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      Melissa Garland

      You should check out the Helmand in the Mt. Vernon section of Baltimore. It's probably my favorite restaurant in the city, and it's astoundingly inexpensive for the quality of the food.

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        Melissa Garland

        Here is a review that one hound wrote after going to the Helmand: