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Dec 21, 2000 09:06 AM

good eats in DC Rock Creek Park area?

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Hi, D.C. Chowhounds!

I'll be staying at the Omni Shoreham Hotel for a few days right after Xmas, and I'd really love some food recommendations. I can't spend too much, love all kinds of food especially ethnic. I may bring my car along--it's an expense to park, so do you think it's worth bringing it to be able to drive around the city? Can one park in D.C., in general? A cheap breakfast place nearby where I can get low-carb stuff like eggs and bacon would be helpful, too. Indian recommendations also welcome.

Thanks for any possible help!

Betsy Keller

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  1. Betsy, I could spend all day answering your question, but I'll spare you.
    1. LEAVE YOUR CAR AT HOME!!!!!! You're staying in a great neighborhood and should rely on walking and Metro to get around.
    2. In Woodley Park, which is where the Shoreham is, you have many restaurant options. What isn't right there is a great breakfast place, although there's a little cafe on the east side of Connecticut Ave. that could probably work for you. The Indian on Connecticut Ave. at Calvert Street is ok, not great. Best Indian in the DC area in my opinion is Haandi, located in Bethesda and Falls Church; this is worth a hop on the metro to Bethesda. actually, if you're going to Bethesda, you only have about 200 good restaurants to choose from, so have fun.

    In Woodley Park for dinner, Medeterra is excellent, as are Jandara and Thai Town (both are Thai). Lebanese Taverna is overrated! There's also a new Chipotle Grill on the corner of Calvert and Connecticut; not bad but this is a national chain, so just say no unless you're really strapped for cash.

    Could go on forever but won't. If you have time/energy, walk north on connecticut for 15 minutes to Cleveland Park; eat at Yanyu, Ardeo, Coppi's Vigorelli. And/or, DEFINITELY walk down Calvert Street into Adams Morgan and go crazy trying decide what kind of ethnic food to try. Ethiopian abounds, plus others. My favorite neighborhood place: San Marco (corner of Kalorama and 18th street) - good straight ahead northern italian, not expensive, the owner is fantastic, and a small but killer wine list.

    Maybe I should do this for a living? Welcome to the District, and have a great visit.