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Dec 20, 2000 06:13 PM

Chinese Recommendations in Montgomery County?

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Any worthwhile new (or hidden-gem) Chinese restaurants in Montgomery County? Anything comparable to Full Kee? I'm familiar with and fond of, e.g., A&J, Chopstix, Hollywood East, Shanghai Cafe, Seven Seas. Looking for someplace else about which to get mildly excited.

Anyone been to New Fortune in Gaithersburg? Reports?

D.C. and No.Va. recs welcome, as well, although the need for those is less urgent.


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  1. Orient East in Silver Spring does one of the better dim sums on the weekend. Skip it for regular meals. New Fortune is also a good dim sum place in Gaithersburg - and one of the bigger rooms. Both use carts are are full of asian families on weekends. Recommend getting there before opening time, because there will be a wait.

    1. Definitely check out MeeWah in D.C., at the intersection of approximately 22nd and M. Very good, no heavy brown sauce!

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        Lynn D. Cairns

        I went to New Fortune for a Friday lunch. New experience for me. Be ready to know what you want from the Dim Sum as they descend upon you with all the choices. You can also order from the menu. It is a large open room and not a cozy feeling, but I liked the food. I think it's worth a try. Good luck!

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          What were your favorite dishes there - and would you recommend the place to others?

          You probably will not find traditional dim sum places cozy. The 'real' places are usually very large rooms and when in full swing can be loud. That is part of the atmosphere of dim sum.

        2. Re New Fortune in Gaithersburg: The dim sum is excellent. My only complaint is that a visit to New Fortune induces a bout of post-prandial self-criticism. I don't have enough self control to let the first 10 carts go by untouched, and I'm unable to sample late arrivals.