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Dec 12, 2000 11:11 AM

Source for Smoked Salmon?

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I'm throwing a Holiday Open House and I'm expecting as many as 75 people. I'd like to serve smoked salmon with all the fixings along with a number of other dishes. Does anyone have a good source for reasonably affordable, high quality, Nova-style smoked salmon, preferrably in the Maryland suburbs?

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  1. go to Costco/Price Club. You can get vaccum packed sides of smoked salmon for about $14.00 -- but you have to join for $30. However, good wine selection, lots of good party foods and ingredients. Could be worth it. There is one in Pentagon City. First check out SHoppers Food Warehouse, there is one on Jefferson Davis Hwy (south of Glebe Rd.) They often have stuff like that and there is no cover charge, as it were. But if you haven't been to price club you may want to check it out. I also think they have 1 day memberships where you pay a 5 percent mark up on one-time purchase.
    Good luck. Get some fresh dill, red onions, capers and lemon while you're at it, and thin, thin pumpernickel. Price Club may also have Mt Walden Farms smoked trout. wonderful. can I come to your party please?

    1. Don't know if this would be in time, but the best source for smoked salmon, trout and oysters I've ever had is Port Chatham smoked foods, out of state of Washington. They have a website www.portchatham, as well as a catalogue. Best smoked fish I've ever had--comes in a variety of sizes (4 oz to side of salmon), including cold smoked, nova style --coho,Copper River and King salmon; unbelievably delectable smoked oysters --again the best I've ever had. Great resource and it comes to your door. Good prices as well.