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Dec 1, 2000 04:04 PM

New fish restaurant: urgent request

  • j

Does anyone know the name of the new fish restaurant near Metro Center? Thanks.

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  1. Think you're looking for liner of a place with oyster bar on F? 202/347-2277

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    1. re: Eve Zibart

      Welcome to, Eve. Did you see the thread on Tom Sietsema down a bit? You got a nice little mention.

      I lived in Silver Spring until a year ago and I miss DC and the Post. Is Silver Spring finally getting built up? I hear Fresh Fields opened but AFI is still down the road. Plus I worked near the MCI Center and that area was really coming alive.

      So now I'm in Wisconsin enjoying the fresh air. But try getting a decent pizza or a real bagel!

      1. re: Ted

        Dear Ted: Silver Spring getting built up, all right, but mostly housing and traffic; hope AFI will help. MCI now in center of HUGE restaurant boom: heavy-duty NY steakhouses in particular (and the above-mentioned Oceanaire, which is a steakhouse for seafood lovers). You took off just a little too soon; see if you can't wrangle a business trip to your old stomping ground. Burgers still a source of argument here, as you see! (As to, I'm a longtime friend/collaborator/admirer of the 'hound-in-chief -- just unfortunately usually on the run and don't get to check in. Besides, people around here pretty well informed, don't you think?)

        1. re: Eve Zibart

          Yes, I know I left DeeCee just as things were getting interesting. Fortunately, I do get back every once in awhile. Most of us agree that Washington is a terrific chowhound town and checking out this site helps keep us emigres up-to-date. Tell me, is your column available on the Post web site?

          1. re: Ted

            sure, though it's a little convoluted. Either track it through the "Food" chain (sorry) or via the Weekend trail. Sometimes if you query "Fare Minded" (the current column) or the older "Courses" it actually works. Let me know if you have trouble (our Web folks are still struggling a little).

            1. re: Eve Zibart

              Actually, it is not hard to find your columns, Eve.

              From the front page of the Post web site, click on Restaurants(down at the bottom on the left.) On the next page entitled "Restaurants", you will see at the bottom a section called "More From the Post". One of the links is "Eve Zibart's Fare Minded". That will get you to 64 stories from 2000 written by Eve Zibart--a valuable collection of information.

              Happy New Year.

              Jim Zurer
              Washington DC