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Nov 30, 2000 11:40 PM

Misha's RIP

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Just a note in remembrance of Misha's Deli which closed up shop this last Sunday. I loved being able to get fresh Russian/Jewish foods and I loved having a place in town whose motto was "A Knish is Just a Knish." I typically would go buy "Pick" Hungarian Salami (where will I get it now??) and grab whatever homemade item looked good. When I had the flu last year I dragged myself out of bed to get his vegetable soup.

In particular I spent about 30 minutes this 4th of July talking with Misha about what it was like being in Russia in the 60s/70s and how grateful he was to be an American and I can only say that I'm sorry sorry sorry that I and the rest of the Hill weren't better patrons. The closing sign was typical of his humor. "No More Soup For You!" Our loss. Best wishes to Misha!

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  1. Cap--

    Very very sad.

    You know, we might have been able to stir up more chowhound sentiment about this place if you'd posted more vehemently before. Not trying to guilt you out here, but I'd urge you (and everyone else!) to take stock of worthy faves and TELL THE CHOWHOUND COMMUNITY ABOUT THEM. Think about all those taken-for-granted places, and imagine what it would be like to lose them. And let us help get the word out to those who can appreciate the Good Stuff.

    One of my dreams is to see this site eventually have the power to invigorate ALL the overlooked good places that don't have the money or savvy to bend the publicity spotlight to themselves. We chowhounds, who know and care, can work to even the score so these guys never have to suffer from lack of appreciation and patronage, and good places need never fade to oblivion.

    In fact, we've already done this for some formerly overlooked places in NYC. But we can do more, and wider.

    Tell friends to spread the word. Post. Eat. Report. Care.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      My bad, Jim.

      I need to eat out more often. I'll try to post a few more reports than I have lately.

      1. re: Cap Hill

        Again, I didn't mean to single you out (your great postings are much appreciated by all of us). It's not your fault! We've all had beloved restaurants close, and gone through the hand-wringing questions....should I have gone more often? should I have told more people? So I'm just trying to remind everyone (in general!) that this site is designed to prevent that situation.

        I don't expect anyone to make it his/her full time job to painstakingly tip this site to each and every restaurant they like. But if we can all do our best to 1. post about the good places when we do have a sec, and 2. be extra diligent about hipping everyone to places that seem underpopulated...we can help prevent disaster.

        There are 1000 more chowhounds in DC who care about Misha's closing, and another 100,000 who never knew the place but would have liked it. So part of the task is for us to attract more of these chowhounds to the site. It'd bring more tips, AND more hounds to follow up on the tips. It'd be a vibrant network.

        We're not quite at that point (though we're getting there!), but once we've got tons of hounds participating, from coast to coast, none of us will ever have to eat bad food ever again no matter where we go...and the good places can find the appreciative audiences they so richly deserve.

        It absolutely kills me that there are, right now, proud people pouring their hearts out into their cooking, but lack of customers make them think nobody cares. We chowhounds are the people who care. Let's do something about this!


        1. re: Jim Leff

          Don't worry Jim, I'm not taking it personally! (and yes, we should post more here in DC).

          1. re: Cap Hill

            can we do something on this web site that would make finding and patronizing these places a little easier? I am still new to Chowhounds, and despite having a college degree and using the internet all day as a reporter I sometimes have trouble finding what I need.

            I am proposing, I guess, a hot link to a list of restaurants with addresses and phone numbers that have been recommended by known chowhounds (perhaps with a minimum of 5 postings, not restauranteurs out for self promotion). There could be a sublist of places that seem to be on the edge -- struggling places that are wonderful and need more patronage.

            the list could be hotlinked back to the message thread concerning the restaurant. As the list is now you either have to monitor it daily or be looking for something specific in order to be able to find it.

            People do save the Post's and Washingtonian's lists of restaurants, and perhaps they might add a compendium of chowhoud favorites to their "Favorites" button on their computers.

            You will notice I am not volunteering for the job....but its a thought.

            1. re: pam

              Pam--join me for a continuation of this discussion on our Site Talk message board. Look for subject title "Keeping Good Places Alive"