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Nov 27, 2000 03:03 PM

Whats yummy near Leesburg? Sterling, Hamilton, Purcellville? Reston if need be?

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Hi, I will be visiting in Leesburg VA over the holidays and am looking for some good food of any sort to break up the endless rounds of recycled honey baked ham at the relatives. Also reasonable to cheap since I've been living in the deep South where money goes farther, but paychecks are MUCH smaller than the DC area. I especially crave spice and ethnic foods after living in blandville for the last several years.

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  1. Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg is a nice place. Not sure about price range. They have a nice beer selection, including some great drafts.

    Tortilla Factory has been in Herndon for probably 20 years. I'm a big fan of the carne machaca. You can ask them to serve it 'the old way' with tortillas on the side instead of as a burrito.


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      If you want to venture to Herndon that opens up a whole host of ethnic options.

      Tortilla Factory as Jim mentioned is good. Also there is Pollos Inka, for great Peruvian chicken. A whole chicken plus a big salad and a pile of yuca fries for $11.99. I also like Thai Luang, which serves up some very spicy food. A Taste of the World offers dishes from India, Mexico, Thailand, the Phillipines, possibly Jamaica, and probably one or two other countries, and they pull it off surprisingly well.

      Tuscarora Mill (Tuskie's to the natives) right in Leesburg is certainly very popular and has a very good reputation. They serve contemporary American food. We ate there about three years ago. I liked my buffalo burger a lot (nothing like Virginia buffalo), but my wife and brother were not bowled over. Definitely worth a try if you will be in Leesburg. Another place along this line right in Leesburg that is getting some good press is Lightfoot.

    2. Since you mentioned the lovely hamlet of Hamilton you have to go to Planet Wayside. A very bizarre little spot (front door less than six feet high, bathroom out back, all kinds of yard sale junk, etc.) that serves some great food, including a wide variety of home-baked desserts.

      The fries that accompany most meals are worth a visit by themselves. Get extra "mombo" sauce to dip them in. :>)

      For some good barbecue, drive down US 15 to US 50, turn right at Gilberts Corner (who was Gilbert? there is nothing at this intersection at all) and go less than one mile to Doc's Barbecue in the general store in the nice village of Aldie. The Little Apple Pastry Shop in Aldie is also really good.

      If you're into wine, there are some wineries right in the Leesburg area including Willowcroft on Mt. Gilead Rd. just south of town. They produce some very nice wines including cabernet franc and riesling. Also, the views from their property are spectacular!

      The Breaux Winery in Hillsboro is run by people from Lousiana who often have cajun festivals at their property complete with food, so if you crave spice I'd give them a call too.

      1. Pacific Cafe on Rt 7 in Sterling has excellent Pan asian food. Lightfoot in Leesburg is good but expensive. Siam in Herndon is less expensive and has a menu that has four levels of heat depending on your preference.