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Jan 19, 2001 01:08 PM

Sat. Lunch suggestions - food group

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I was hoping I could get some suggestions for lunch tomorrow. I have a food group from another board that gets together periodically. We have a two coming in from Vancouver for the food show, one is selling sauce and the other is is a chef/teaching instructor. They were interested in Ana Mandara or Eos, since one used to cook fusion. The others are comming in from the South Bay. We will be 5.

Ana Mandara is not open for Sat lunch. I though they might be interested in Citizen Cake, but they only have brunch on Sat. I though Bacar might be an option since is is the Eos team, something fun to check out, but I don't think the food is similar to Eos. Any other ideas for something newish and fun for food pros? I think they have done Zuni et al.

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  1. I think both Farallon and Cosmopolitan Cafe are open for lunch if you want to find something comparable to Eos or Ana Mandara and is located downtown. (Personaly, I think that both Eos and Ana Mandara are good but a bit overpriced.) Kokkari could also be a good choice.

    I would also think seriously about Chez Panisse, if you have time to spare. It would certainly worth the trip to the East Bay.

    It might also be worthwhile to check out some of the newer Tapas places, where a group of 5 could do some damage. Chez Nous and Isa come to mind, and have gotten rave reviews from friends (haven't been there myself but both are very high on my list).

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      Thanks so much for the ideas. We are going with Chez Nous, even though they don't take reservations. They said if we go at noon they should be able to seat us. A bonus at this location is the proximity of Artisan Cheese, which I have been anxious to check out. Any other food places to explore after lunch? Perhaps we will look in at Vivande.

      I have eaten dinner at Chez Nous once around 6 or 8 months ago when it was very new, crowded and delicious. I hope they do the same menu for lunch as for dinner, as we ordered a great variety of plates which is perfect for our group. when I was there chef Laurence Jossel was wandering around the tiny room, making sure everyone was happy. I loved the spinach-filo pastries--it had incredibly creamy feta cheese. He told me it came from somewhere special, but I forget now. I also remember the jucy frenched lamb chop, meant to be eaten with the fingers, with lavender salt for dipping.

      Didn't the chef recently buy a couple other properties?

      We thought of Farallon for convenience of location, they had seats, but it just didn't strike me right. I had only dinner once several years ago. Some very good dishes, $$$$, and a clunker of a dessert. Turns out she had lunched once and found it had the business/expense acct feel, maybe Sat is different. Anyway we don't want to go anywhere they have been.

      They are getting dinner tonight at Ana Mandara.

      1. re: Anne

        After lunch, swing by Boulangerie Bay Bread at 2325 Pine (at Fillmore). The baked goods at Chez Nous are from Bay Bread. Their plain croissant is the best I have ever had - and I am always on the lookout for a better one just on principle.

        1. re: Rochelle

          Thanks, I didn't see the suggestion before lunch, but someone on the street who heard us talking steered us that way. I will return to buy another time, it looked wonderful. I did get a couple of terrific cheeses at Artisan Cheese too.

        2. re: Anne

          Pascal Rigo owns Chez Nous, Bay Bread, La Boulange de Polk at 2310 Polk St. (near Green). He has Panissimo in Andronico's. He's opening Petit Robert, a casual restaurant at 2300 Polk. In September, he bought coffee-and-pastry chain Oh-La-La at a bankruptcy sale. He plans to redo the nine San Francisco stores to have in-house hearth baking and more French flavor. Also, Organic City (Fillmore St.) just closed and he is going to open Galette in the space, its going to over Breton-style crepes. (Info via Chronicle's Grace Ann Walden 11/29/00)

      2. Just a thought....

        This seems like one of those perfect Dim Sum occasions. Your picks however tend to be a little more "upscale" than most dim sum places. If you wanted Vietnamese (Anna Mandara) Le Colonial is a good pick, but I don't know the 411 on Saturday lunches. Much luck to ya!