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Nov 14, 2000 02:52 PM

Bob W.! Falls Church, VA Info, Please!

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a while ago, Bob. W. said:

Within five miles of where I am now sitting in Falls Church VA (six miles from the White House) I can get authentic Afghani, Irani, Kurdish (!!!), Cambodian, Lao, Peruvian, Burmese, Turkish, Nicaraguan, and Bolivian food, not to mention Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian food from specific regions of the respective countries. I know I left some out.

I'm trying to decode this.

Kurdish is Ceilov
burmese is Myanmar
vietnamese may be pho 75 (?)
afghani is probably Panshir.
ethiopian is Skyline Cafe (according to Jim Dorsch, who knows that cuisine).

How 'bout the turkish, persian, nicaraguan, bolivian, (and, espeically) cambodian and lao places? Can you at least give us some names (we can look up info via

There used to be a place thereabouts called Angor What for Cambodian food...especially great stuffed chicken wings. But it closed. Is there really other cambodian?


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  1. woops, correction. the afghani is spelled Panjshir, and it's at
    924 West Broad St
    Falls Church, VA 22046

    1. Jim: I have what I think is bad news from the Cambodian and Laotian fronts.

      The Laotian place I was thinking of was called Bangkok-Vientiane on W. Broad Street in Falls Church. But it seems to have changed its name to Bangkok Steak House, which would indicate that the Lao portion of the menu has been jettisoned, although in the world of ethnic restaurants we really won't know until someone checks it out. In its previous incarnation, this place had a great lunch buffet, for $5.95. The UNLIMITED fresh spring rolls were reason enough to go. OK, for the greater good I will check it out.

      As for Cambodian, the place I was thinking of was the Cambodia restaurant, located in the same strip center in Arlington as the original Pho 75. The problem here is that the center was renovated and all of the tenants might have gotten the boot. So it may still be there.

      On the good news side of the ledger, I did leave off at least one country in my original post. There is a Filipino joint called Little Quiapo located in the same plaza off Route 50 in Arlington as one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Crystal Thai.

      The nearest Irani restaurant is called Cafe Rose, also on West Broad Street in Falls Church. It's in the Stratford Motel. Haven't tried it, but it's been there for years.

      The closest Peruvian place is Granja de Oro, on Annandale Road in Falls Church. Excellent chicken, like many of these Latin American places. The biggest concentration of Latin American spots is over towards Baileys Crossroads (Leesburg Pike/Columbia Pike area).

      For Turkish, Kazan in McLean and Nizam's in Vienna.

      You might want to check out a really quite amazing guide to locale ethnic restaurants produced by a professor at George Mason University named Tyler Cowen. It's on the Web. The latest version I've seen is from 1999, but he seems to enjoy doing the research to keep it current. :>)

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      1. re: Bob W.

        thanks, bob! Please keep reporting in. Tips like these help thousands.

        For those reading along, Tyler Cowen's guide is at the link below.


        1. re: Bob W.

          Last time I checked Angor Wat was out of business. I have since moved to NJ and can't find cambodian food. miss it very much.

        2. Panjshir is one of the Afghani restaurants in the Falls Church area. I used to know someone who's brother ran it, and I heard it was good, but I have never been there myself. There is another Afghani restaurant called Kabab Express on Columbia Pike(near the intersection of Rte. 7). I heard that it was good, but unfortunately I have never been there myself so I honestly couldn't say. There is another Iranian restaurant called Bread & Kebab, which Tyler Cowen discusses in his website. I don't know any restaurants in the area that exclusively specialize in Nicaraguan cuisine, but there is one called Cuscatlan, which does cover a good portion of Central America in it's menu. There a some Thai restaurants, and there are TONS of Vietnamese restaurants. The only Cambodian restaurant that I know of is Phnom Penh in Silver Spring, the rest of them all closed down. I don't know of any Lao places.

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          1. re: Harsha

            Thanks for the great posting, Harsha! Please post more.

            For those curious, I just looked up that cambodian on here's the info:

            Phnom Penh Restaurant
            706 University Blvd E
            Silver Spring, MD
            (301) 431-3228

            I'm getting a little disenchanted with Tyler Cowen's site...a lot of the info is out of date. Though he obviously really knows what he's talking about.


          2. Bob, Years ago when I use to be in the Dc area every couple of weeks there was a Khmer/Cambodian place on Wilson Blvd in Arlington in an old A+P strip mall. This was across/down the street from the awful Red Hot + Blue. There was another Camdian place in Mclean. Also, is there still a Laotian place in Wheaton?

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            1. re: Ivan Stoler

              Ivan: the Cambodian place we tried a couple years ago, which may no longer be there, is the one in the strip mall you are thinking of. I'm pretty sure it is/was called the Cambodia Restaurant. The mother branch of Pho 75 was in the same strip.

              The Cambodian place in McLean I think is called Angkor Wat. Others on here have tried it, but we haven't yet.

              As for Wheaton, Langley Park, Takoma Park, Silver Spring, and the other bastions of ethnic dining in Maryland, they may as well be in downtown Vientiane as often as we get over there. Some of the Maryland denizens on here will have to help with that one. :>)