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Oct 30, 2000 11:20 AM

Best Halal or Kosher butchers??

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Having lived in small towns and known good butchers with high quality meats (not the mass produced stuff found in most DC grocery stors), I am looking for small butchers that pay attention to process. Overseas, I found the Halal butchered meats to be quite good.

Can someone suggest the best halal or kosher butchers in the DC area?

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  1. Johann: I can't tell you where the best halal butchers are, but I can tell you where two seemingly popular halal butchers are: in Falls Church, in the plaza at the corner of Lee Highway and Annandale Road. It's the same plaza where Ceilov, the Kurdish restaurant, is located. I have tried some sausages at one of the butchers (served in pita bread like gyros, which they also have) and I thought it was quite tasty.

    Of course, you can always head out Route 50 past Chantilly and get a goat or lamb slaughtered to order at one of the halal farms out that way.

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      Thanks for the tips.
      I guess I was spoiled a bit living in a muslim country for a while where the animals were killed in a 'traditional' manner and bled thoroughly. Perhaps it was also the case that there was more free range meat, w/o having to go to a place like Fresh Fields, ha ha.
      Alas, I thought I'd have better luck here in DC finding high quality and/or free range meats at a halal or kosher butcher shop than I have found at traditional grocery stores or even butcher shops.

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        try halalco in falls church
        Halalco 100 block of E. Fairfax Street, Falls Church, VA 22046 in a small strip of shops.
        Phone: 703-532-3202

    2. if you are not specifically looking for kosher butchers but rather good quality, check out the butchers at Eastern name starts with a G but I can't recall it at the moment, despite 15 years of patronage. hmmmm. I've always had good luck with them, and I know some local chefs shop there for their own dinners. Eastern Market is at 7th and C SE; it's astop on the blue or orange line. It is closed on Mondays, quite a scene on weekends.

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        Pam: the Glasgows own the Lunch, the seafood counter and the bakery, do they also run Union Meat? the Canales run a quality operation also.

        there was a recent thread that mentioned a Halal place (I think in Del Ray) as well as Meats on the Street (not Halal)

      2. Asia Halal on Lee Highway in Falls Church is also an excellent option for Halal beef, chicken and goat.

        1. The Lebanese Butcher in Falls church has a good selection of cuts of beef, lamb and other meats, they make sausage and it is all Halal. I have found they will get or prepare pretty much anything you want, which is nice because a lot of the grocery stores even the high end ones won't often carry a large variety of cuts, especially of lamb.

          Before you buy a whole lamb though it should be noted you will need a chest freezer as it will be more lamb than an average freezer, we split a lamb with my Aunt every year she keeps most of it in a chest freezer and we bring what we can back from every visit. I am lucky my Dad has a beef farm so we get pretty much whatever we want beef wise from him when we see him.

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            I second Lebanese Butcher- I bought lamb chops from them not too long ago and was very pleased. They prepare it however you want and are so nice! And get some food from next door at their restaurant while you're at it.

          2. Wasserman and Lemberger is a kosher butcher in Baltimore which was rated, and I agree, the best kosher butcher in Baltimore in the 2008 Baltimore Kosher Survey. I also find them to be superior to any of the D.C. area kosher butchers (which are located in Wheaton and Rockville). W & L have some delivery service to the D.C. area, but I'm not exactly sure what are the schedule and range.

            Wasserman and Lemberger
            7006 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD