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Oct 27, 2000 12:39 PM

Bistrot du Coin -- mussel heaven

  • j

I have been to the very busy and very attractive Bistrot du Coin, the pretty new French bistro which has replaced the venerable hippie hangout--Food for Thought on Connecticut Avenue near Florida.

So far, the mussels have been excellent, the hangar steak tender, tasty and nicely sauced, the French fries crisp and well fried, and mesclun salad well executed.

The wine list is quite nice although the house sparkling wine from Drome is a tad sweet. They also have Belgian beer on draft which I am anxious to try.

It is like a trip to Lyon without the airfare....

A good place to eat before or after movies at the new art theater, Visions.

Jim Zurer
Washington DC


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  1. Jim Z's post has me jonesing for the new frog jernt on Con Ave, but let's take a moment, shall we?, to remember fondly "Food for Thought," which JZ right-on-the-dime describes as the hippie place where you could score some brown rice pilaf with soy vinaigrette, and how about a baked Idaho (baked some weeks ago, but hey, we oppose hate crimes, right?) Best thing about FFT was the music: in my yood, Mary Chapin Carpenter; later, always good for a lesbian quintet specializing in Indigo Girls covers. Ah, the late, lamented.
    Actually, DP Circle is worse off for the loss. We don't need no stinkin' frenchie places. Bring back the steamed tofu!

    1. The Bistrot du Coin is written up in Sunday's (tomorrow) Washington Post Magazine--a largely positive review by Tom Sietsema.

      Check it out for yourself at the link below.

      Jim Zurer
      Washington DC


      1. Went last weekend, and loved it--though talk about noise! The mussels (we tried 2 or 3 preparations) were as plump and flavorful as everyone has said--definitely the star. The cassoulet was good, though not as mellow and melting as that at Bistro Lepic, to my mind. Good, honest, filling food, and reasonably priced, for the location. I'll definitely be back.


        1. thanks. walked by it months ago and found the atmosphere, decor, bustle and noise authentic brasserie, very appealing. i'll try it.

          anybody know why food 4 thought folded? $$$ was right? or did it move? disheartened after the closing of the Key and Biograph (now a CVS--as is the former MacArthur for that matter), it's refreshing to find there may be some havens opening.

          1. s
            Stephen Lipps

            Mussels? Yes, the place has great mussels. Sorry to report that it leaves a bit to be desired otherwise. The Belgian beer list is minimal at best. Stella Artois is acceptable and the Hoegaarden on tap is great, first rate!....but when I was there the whole tap system was down, one bar-goer mentioned it having been so for over a week. All there really was otherwise was bottled Fisher Amber. Sorry, but this doesn't count as quality beer any more than the bottles of Heineiken, Bud, or whatever other mass-produced corner-store beer they offer. Maybe this is supposed to give the place a French ambiance, to suggest wine instead? All those I dine and drink with think of a bit more when it comes to enjoying Belgian cuisine/drink however. Anyone who's ever been to Monk's Cafe' in Phliadelphia, or Markt or Belgo in New York for instance will know what I mean. On my last visit, the mussels were very good as usual, however the service was extra rude even by the standards I've come to expect from this restaurant. My party was treated with disdain, and ignored for much of our visit. Waiter seemed more interested in tables where the tab was inching higher. We were flatly denied a request for a small plate. The coffee was brought with no cream, and when we asked for cream, what came was curdled and had a layer of film on the top. It was 10 minutes before we could get the waiter's attention again. When we asked another waiter, that person chastised us for stopping him rather than our own waiter. When our waiter did happen by, even then he wasn't particularly interested in this problem. While I enjoy the food at Bistro du Coin, it's unfortunate to have such experiences, both for the diner, and for the establishment with such careless and inept waitstaff. If the food quality drops, this place could easily stumble after the honeymoon phase since the opening.