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Sep 28, 2000 12:31 PM

Shanghai Cafe - Bethesda

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Mini Review:

Yet to find a good Chinese restaurant in Bethesda. Tried the Shanghai Cafe on Wisconsin Ave. a couple of times. I found it to be pretty basic and in many ways similar to the Americanized Chiese food I grew up with in restaurants in middle America. I would strongly recommend you give this place a pass when it comes to their advertised dim sum. I lived in HK for several years and have had dim sum at a variety of places in the States, and this was pretty sub par. Recycled fried rice put into dumpling, frozen shrimp dumplings, etc.

If others can give me a positive review to the contrary - I'd consider trying it again.....

For now I'll stick to Oriental East in Silver Spring or even Tony Cheng's is far better.


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  1. I've always kind of like China Village on Bethesda Avenue. I admit, though, I have rather limited experience as far as Chinese food goes.