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Sep 19, 2000 08:28 PM

Cambodian and Lao -- Where

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In a 9/7 post Bob W. reported that there are Cambodian, Lao and Burmese restaurants (among many others) in Falls Church. I will be in Washington tomorrow night and would like to go to Falls Church for one of the above (or, perhaps, Kurdish, but that information was already posted.) I would appreciate information and recommendations on Falls Church Cambodian, Lao or Burmese restaurants, including, if possible, assessment of their accessibility by metro and taxi from downtown Washington (Farragut West?.)
Thanks in advance and apologies for the last minute posting.

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  1. George: the one I would recommend right now (since I've been there most recently) is Myanmar, a Burmese restaurant. It's located in Falls Church at 7810 Lee Highway, in what I think is called the Merrifalls Plaza (it's between Falls Church and Merrifield). Phone 703.289.0013. You could Metro to Falls Church West or Dunn Loring on the Orange Line, and then take a cab from there. Of course, the transportation will probably cost more than your meal, but what the hey!

    If you go, you must try the zucchini fritters. They are served with a VERY hot tamarind sauce. As a contrast, maybe get one of the cold salads, like papaya, which are very refreshing. Some of the menu items will be utterly baffling, but the people are very nice and should be able to help you.