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Sep 19, 2000 11:25 AM

Kaz's Sushi Bistro

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I have been faithfully following this board for awhile now but haven't heard any opinion on one of my fav sushi joints, Kaz Sushi Bistro. Haven't had dinner there yet, but have eaten many lunchs there in the past year. Very inventive.

They have an email list now. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email heads up on some blue fin toro (two of their chefs caught the tuna themselves according to the message). The same week, they got in some fresh salmon roe. I forget the exact details, but it wasn't the usual salty stuff -- it was wonderful. Their soft-shell crab roll has been beautiful. The sashimi combo at lunch is a good value.

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  1. Where is this place located? I'm always looking for good alternatives to the sushi/sashimi stands in places such as as the Shops at National Place.

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    1. re: Greg

      it is on I St. NW between 19th and 20th

      1. re: Fred

        Love the Kaz: sushi's always fresh, and the apps are killer (try especially the spareribs and the shu mai). Fred, were you ever Chief Justice of the US, or am I confusing you with someone else?

        1. re: John

          You must be confusing me with my grandfather