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Sep 12, 2000 11:00 AM

not at all about food - source for men's clothing in DC?

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mea culpa, but if anyone knows of a good reasonably priced source for sober men's office wear and shoes in DC or B'More, please send me a note - my son started a cap hill internship yesterday and found to his horror they all wore suits.

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  1. Jen, Maybe our own poster, "Cap Hill" will see this and respond. But I really wanted to say congrats to you for your son and his new enterprise. I'm always surprised that "parenting" just seems to get better and better, no matter how old the "kids" get. pat

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      Thanks Pat for reminding me of my manners.

      Congratulations to your son!!! I'm sure he'll do really well and I have to say that he couldn't have a better experience with government than to go work on the Hill. You couldn't ask for an experience to better understand the way our government works. Good luck to him both on the hill and in finding the proper suit. (and tell him if he wants to get a little flashy with his suit, this is the age to do it - the older you get the harder it is to look snazzy). :)

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        thanks so much! - that was exactly what we were looking for!


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          I think the second hand store -- a Man for All Seasons -- closed and has been replaced by a middle eastern gift shop.

    2. He should check with his boss, but as an intern it's likely that he would be fine if he were to pick up some khakis and a blue blazer in addition to his suit. (I'm sure the GQ bible says somewhere that all men should own a blazer).

      As for a seriously potential value for $$$ possibility but also a close to 1.5 - 2 hour drive from D.C. is C-mart in Forestville Maryland. They are a buyer of excess clothing from stores who have gone past a sale date or which have gone out of business. You can get some seriously good deals, frequently on interesting European cuts of clothing. Their website is:

      For C-mart, I would suggest calling ahead, because the quality and quantity of stock tend to depend on when they've received a shipment. We used to go there when we were in law school in Baltimore. One potential downside is he'll probably have to find a halfway decent tailor in town. Still, most of the local dry cleaners offer competent tailoring services for pants. If he needs tailoring on a suit jacket I recommend he go to a professional tailor.

      Another closer possibility is Today's Man in Rockville 301-770-9660. Website =

      I got some good bargains there when I first came to D.C.

      One other potential place to find decent suits is at a used clothing store. There's one for men just up the block from Eastern Market. He could literally hit it on the way home from work. Obviously there's no guarantee that they'll have anything in his size, but this particular place is usually stylish.

      As for some accessories - e.g. get about 3 white shirts, and at least one blue shirt plus ties, socks, belts or whatever, try T.J. Maxx in Pentagon City shopping mall or around the area generally.

      Good luck.

      1. Congrats to your son on his internship. He is arriving in the midst of the excitement of an election year! If your son has, or could get access to a car, Potomic Mills in Woodbridge, VA is the place to go for clothes. It is about half an hour (with no traffic) from DC.

        In this gigantic outlet mall where I buy most of my office clothes and shoes, there is Nordstrom Rack (a good $300 suit for $!39, for $269 you could get an Alfred Nippon suit, Allen Edmonds shoes for $119), Daffy Dan's (expensive European suits greatly discounted, the place to go for less traditional and cooler stuff), Marshall's (Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica suits for $169) etc..

        There is a Marshall's in Pentagon City right above the Metro station across from the Pentagon City Mall also.

        I am in the television news business, so we deal with congressional offices all the time. Maybe I'll run into your son one of these days.

        All the bests,

        1. Uh, Jen, try the "Clotheshorse" site, not to be confused with the CHOWHOUND site, no matter how much we empathize with your son. (Having been flamed, by among others you, I think this is justified.) Enjoie!

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            clotheshorse - great! and many thanks to the DC hounds for their off topic help.