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Sep 8, 2000 01:18 AM

Report from the Hitching Post

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Headed over to the Hitching Post recently, jonesing for crab cakes -- which were sold out by 2030, but no worry, and . . . fantabulistic! For the uninitated, the Post is a brightly lit but little (4 banquettes, and maybe 6 tables) jernt across from the Ol' Soldiers Home (where I'm headed, g-d willing, when I retire -- gorgeous grounds!). Immaculate setting: spotless naugahyde that brings back fond memories of the rec room back in the Valley of my youth, and (how's this for customer service) not only a massive (64 oz.) bottle of Heinz cat soup, but both Heinz malt vinegar and a bottle of (unlabeled) cider vinegar, to go with the hot sauce (also unlabeled, but suspiciously tasting of "Pete's.") My party of four had the fried chicken (superb: crispy, a tiny bit over-battered, but hot and big); the pork chops (excellent: barely charred on the outside, and tender inside); and the whole fried rainbow trout (a phenomenon: fresh, sweet, and (with a healthy dose of malt vinegar) sour/tart). Sides were collard greens (well cooked, but without pork or backfat; needed salt and vinegar, but perfectly tender yet chewy); "home sliced fries" (insipid, unfortunately; skins were on, but limp; can't anyone fry twice, Flemish style? Is it that hard? Fries should be crispy, and if they're not, we're all better off with potato salad); and mac-and-cheese (cheddary but needed salt, and perfect with a shaking of Pete's). Service is delightful, too. Still waiting for crabcakes. . . .!

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  1. "which were sold out by 2030"

    You mean they're selling 'em as futures??

    Thanks for the report. I knew in my heart that the fried chicken was still superb. Crab cakes are fleeting, but fried chicken has legs.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Ah, by 2030 I meant 8:30pm (it's the old soldier in me), but our delightful maitresse d' assured me that the new batch of backfin had just come in and that the chef was going to form some patties after closing and serve 'em up for lunch and dinner toot sweet. Which reminds me, the juke was indeed (as Jim Leff, (I'm not worthy) noted) chock full of R&B, but one of my dinner companions was able to, and di, pick . . . Celine Dion! Anyway, the naugahyde helped me endure. And um, those greens! BTW, the kitchen is open until midnight Tues-Sat; Post is closed on Sunday (shame, 'cause I bet they'd do a bitchin' brunch) and Monday.
      Speaking of which, any other soul food recs in DC would be sorely welcomed. 70% of the population (DC proper, before the 'hounds start hounding me; not the 'burbs) is black, and yet 90% of chowhounds don't go east of Rock Creek Park (Jim Zurer, talk to me!). Florida Avenue Grill long ago became a cliche. Any suggestions?

      1. re: John

        Can someone give a location on the Hitching post

        1. re: bob

          Address could have been gotten (along with more info about the place) by using our search engine to read earlier messages, or by going to and doing a quick look-up. But, FYI, 200 Upshur St NW, (202) 726-1511

          1. re: Jim Leff

            Easiest way to get there from west of Rock Creek is to cross the park to 16th (either by heading up from downtown, or by taking the 16th St exit on Rock Creek Parkway); turn east (right if coming from downtown; left if from uppper NW) on Upshur, then straight shot to 2d St, where Upshur ends at the Old Soldiers' Home. Enjoy!

          2. re: bob

            The easiest way to reach the Hitching Post is off of North Capitol Street. Coming north, you make a left at Rock Creek Church Road and keep bearing left--until you run into it.

            See if the link below gets you to a map on Mapquest.

            Jim Zurer
            Washington DC


          3. re: John

            hi john --

            you might want to check out the saints' paradise cafeteria. the fried chicken, cornbread & mac and cheese (plus the sweet tea, natch) are all quite yummy.

            cheers, felicia


            1. re: felicia

              I believe their church also has some amazing, trombone-oriented gospel music. If I'm not confusing them with another.

              I'd definitely go on a sunday (if they're open), put on a suit, and stay for the service.

              See link below for the recording from which I got this's some of the most amazing, moving, raw gospel music I've ever heard. Almost no vocals...all "shout" groups of zillions of trombones. Highly recommended.


            2. re: John

              Sorry about the Celine Dion. I didn't say every single selection was a gem!

              Please note, readers-along, that the crab cakes I once loved here apparently aren't being made well anymore. We've had two smart hounds nay-say their recent condition in threads below. So stick with the other stuff!