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Sep 6, 2000 04:54 PM

What's good between DC and Crisfield, Maryland?

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I am driving from DC to Crisfield, MD this weekend, and staying overnight in Crisfield (on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay). Any food recommendations along the way?

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  1. the best crab house is cantler's just east of annapolis on mill creek. on kent island, don't let the funky motel location and fast-food sound of "chesapeake chicken" on highway 50 fool you. they roast their chicken slow and juicy with nice spices and serve it with wonderful side dishes -- especially their stuffing.a slight detour to st. michaels will get you to a very pleasant little surprise called the talbot st. tavern. the chef there is a former chef at the noted inn at perry cabin, and he serves a very nice menu with a good beer and wine selection at reasonable prices.