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Aug 23, 2000 11:11 AM

Louie's in Baltimore

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Returned to Balto after years away and went to an old favorite-Louie's Cafe f/k/a/ Louie's Bookstore Cafe. What a disappointment. The bookstore, which made the place cute and different, is gone. Now there are a lot more tables, but I thought the food was pretty bad. Went there for Sunday brunch. First, they brought the orange juice in a big glass with ice and a straw. Once we got rid of the ice, it was obviously not even Tropicana. The turkey BLT I ordered (sans the cheese) was terrible. The turkey was salty, the bacon was not quite crisp, the "T" was blah and there was very little "L". And this was not cheap.

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    Melissa Garland

    Things have Changed at Louie's- apparently not for the better. New owner. I used to love the old place too.

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      This is sad news. I started going to Louie's soon after I started as a wee freshman at Johns Hopkins in 1978-79. (If it opened a year or so later, sue me. :>))
      Back in the days of the Peabody Bierstube and Two Crazy Greeks.

      Yes, the book collection was bizarre to say the least, and the service was too, but the desserts were fabulous and the fresh whipped cream was always applied with a generous hand.

      Oh well, 20 years is a great run for anyone. There are Donna's/Bibelot combinations all over town now anyway.

      Please tell me that Gampy's is still the same!