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Jan 16, 2001 05:44 PM

Chinese New Year seafood banquets in South Bay

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I'm looking for South Bay restaurants that have multiple-course dinners for Chinese New Year, or other occasions. As I recall from attending Chinese wedding banquets as a child, this would be an 8 course (or so) meal with mostly seafood dishes. The ones I've found, like this one, (thanks to Melanie Wong in a previous post) seem to be about $288 for 10 people. Does anyone know if this is the going rate, or is there a cheaper alternative? Any suggestions for restaurants to check out?

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  1. $288 for 10 people is a pretty good price looking at the menu. One way you can bring the cost down is to substitute for the sharks fin soup which is pretty costly and often of not very good quality locally. This can sometimes drop the price from $5 to $10 per person.

    I'd also caution you to stay away from ABC Seafood in Foster City. It was the closest Chinese food when I worked nearby, but proximity was the only reason for going there. It never really hit the mark and my former co-workers still say this is true.

    I don't eat much Chinese south of Millbrae. My cousins really enjoy Mayflower in Milpitas if that is closer to you but I haven't tried it yet.

    1. To celebrate bounty at CNY, you should have at least 10 courses. 12 if you want to be luxurious. Always an even number.

      1. This has been recommended on dozens of other threads. So I finally checked it out this am for dim sum, and I was very impressed with the few dishes tasted: the shrimp and spinach dumplings, fried tofu with seaweed, and sauteed stuffed mushroooms and eggplant were all outstanding. Think it would be a wonderful selection for a 10-12 course Chinese New Year's dinner!