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Jul 17, 2000 06:13 PM

Clams at Full Kee -- Alert

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Clams in black bean sauce are one of my favorite dishes at Full Kee and I have been disappointed in them on my last two visits. The clams, while large and juicy, have suffered from an off-taste--not necessarily bad--but bitter and unpleasant.

The first time it happened I mentioned it to our waitress--who knows how much I love the clams--and she took it off the bill. When it happened again last week, I got the manager to taste the offending dish. His judgment: sometimes, when the clams are very large, the flavors are intensified too much and they get "overripe".

Anyway, a word to the wise. I hope that it is just a seasonal aberrant, because the clams are too good not to eat. Has anyone else experienced this clam phenomenon?

Jim Zurer
Great Travels, Inc.

PS It seems to me that Full Kee is out of softshells at least 50% of the time. What a drag.....

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  1. I was just in D.C. for two very short days. And when I wasn't being seduced by the American History stuff, I zipped on over to Full Kee for lunch. I had the clams in black bean. I guess I'm just too easily pleased. Whatever off taste you speak of was--for me--one or two clams of the many on that dish. I regret two things: not having enough people with me to sample the menu, and not enough time to sample all the recommendations in DC. Tourist sights be damned, give me chow!