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Jun 15, 2000 04:28 PM


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OK, I feel like I've been yappin' a lot and I also have a great deal of work to do before a conference we're hosting in Denver (and unfortunately, I doubt I'll get out of the hotel so no good eatin' - ugh!).

Anyway, I'm gonna stop talking (well except maybe a little) for about 3-4 weeks and ask the famous question - where do you go to get good pizza in DC/Balto/Nova area.

Best NY? Best Chicago? Best pizza in general?

I'll put in the first plug for AVs Sicilian style pizza on NY Ave - not too expensive - their mozzarella/garlic white pizza is their best.

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  1. Pizzeria Paradiso on P St near Dupont. Yum yum. Capers and anchovies.

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    1. re: Jessica

      An enthusiastic second for Pizzeria Paradiso....the best pizza by far in a pizza wasteland. However the pizza would be good even if there were some competition. However, the noise level is very distressing. Try to go in the mid-afternoon to save your sanity.

      AV's and its sister restaurant Fio's used to be good, but inconsistency makes it too dangerous to try. Augusto Vasaio is long gone.

      Jim Zurer
      Washington, DC

      1. re: Jim Zurer

        vace's (locations in cleveland park and bethesda) has the best tasting sauce and they understand that the bottom of the pizza should be just a bit crispy, which i love...

        1. re: Sandy

          Va-Ce is a favorite haunt of ours...especially for their freshly made mozzarella and pasta. In the past, they made their Italian coldcut sub sandwiches to order and they were dynamite. Now they are pre-made and wrapped and usually just very good.

          I never liked the pizza much in earlier days, but I need to check them out again. Thanks for the tip.

          Jim Zurer
          Washington DC

          1. re: Jim Zurer

            Italia Delicatessen @ 8662 Colesville Rd. in Silver Spring makes the best coldcut subs on an Italian sub roll. Their daily specials are unbelievable!

            1. re: Jim Zurer

              Faccia Luna (Old Town, on S. Wash Blvd; G-town, on Wisconsin south of Calvert; and Arlington, on Wilson Blvd near the Courthouse) is reliable, despite the way too bready crust. AV has nice pizza bianca, but the regular is to be avoided. Paradiso is still the standard, in my book. But the wait!

              1. re: John

                Generous George's in Alexandria (and Annandale, and maybe one more place) makes a nice pizza, with a huge, yeasty-bready crust--huge around the edge but not underneath. The crust is so good that I get filled up on it. Not many people can eat more than a few slices of a GG pizza w/o exploding.

                1. re: Jim Dorsch

                  Generous George has a location in Springfield, off Backlick Rd. The former Annandale location is now a Korean buffet.

      2. AV's is wonderful. I grew up going to that place. I haven't been for years! I remember when I was a little girl the patriarch of the family (I think his name was Auguste) used to sit out front drinking a glass of wine out of a small straight sided cup. Do they still close for the month of august to go back to Italy? It was the first place I ever saw someone eating a roasted sheep head! I think you had to go through the kitchen to go to the bathroom! This was the place to go for special occassions in my family and I haven't been for years - don't live in dc anymore. Thanks for the memories. And I can't think of anyplace in the area where you'll get better pizza. But you'll get a hell of a ham, steak and cheese sandwich at Mario's in Arlington on Wilson Blvd (I think wilson). Get it with the "slaw" (not really slaw, just shredded cabbage) and special sauce!!! Heaven!

        1. A more-than-hearty second, third, and fourth for Pizzeria Paradiso. By far the best 'za in the metro DC area: crispy crust, fresh toppings, tart and tangy sauce, fabulous Tuscan bread salad, and decent wines at decent prices. Only drawback, but a *huge* one: lines can take an hour on weekdays, and 2+ on weekends. Is it worth it? Uh, probably, but I usually end up heading up the Circle to Raku or the like and go to bed dreaming of Paradiso.

          As for AV, go, go, go! A piece of Washington that hasn't changed since Ike's days, and god bless it. Don't leave without having the oily, salty, cheesy, dreamy appetizer whose name I forget 'cause it's late at night!

          Faccia Luna (Glover Park, Old town, Arlington) is also a decent standby. Service not so hot, though.

          Oh, and if Paradiso is out of the question, Il Radicchio is perfectly fine. Good for kids, too.