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Jun 15, 2000 11:35 AM

curry leaves etc.

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i'm new to the area and am presently staying in alexandria, virginia.

does anyone know where i could buy curry leaves, rampe leaves (daun pandan leaves could be substituted i think) and lemon grass stems?

the asian shops in the vicinity don't seem to carry them.

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  1. Hi,

    Try Indian Spices and Appliances in Ballston. I forget what street they're on, maybe Wilson, but I imagine they're in the phone book. It's a bit of a hike, but they have everything under the sun.

    Closer in, off a side street near where Wilson and Clarendon Blvd come together in a Y (courthouse?), is a vegetarian Indian restaurant (sorry I'm blanking on the name - it's visible if you're on Wilson heading toward Rosslyn). The restaurant is informal enough that they might sell you spices or maybe can tell you where they buy theirs. Actually, for vegetarian chowhounds, that restaurant is pretty good and, might i add, inexpensive.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: CapHill

      thanks for the tip! according to the phone book there is an indian spice and appliances store located at 3000 N 10th St in Arlington, VA. (phone no: 703-522-1555) perhaps i might even be able to buy a coconut scraper there!

      also found this other store called "fair price international supermarket" on edsall road in alexandria (across from giant) and the proprieter said he would order some curry leaves if possible...

      1. re: dw

        for a while in the mid 90s there was a Thai grocery store across from a safeway in downtown silver spring, md. They had Neam Leaves, curry leaves, and a number of odd spices I needed for thai food. I have not been there in at least a year though.

        1. re: DS

          in langley park, next to the woodlands (indian vegetarian) restaurant there is an indian store complex with sarees, jewellery and finally foodstuffs.

          it's called the subzimandi grocery store (301-434-7164), and they have curry leaves.

          (as well as all sorts of other things, rice, vegetables, you name it...)

          1. re: dw

            I grow both east and west indian lemon grass, and sell it here at my farm in little washington.
            Who knows wher i could get seeds or starts for a curry plant?

            1. re: Old Goat

              Curry leaf is murraya koenigii, a tropical tree or large shrub. Ive attached a link to what may be a commercial source for these plants - at any rate, it has some excellent pictures and description, also of some special jasmines from the Indian subcontinent - Logee's greenhouse in Danielson CT has also carried murraya koenigii from time to time.

              If you find an indian grocery which sells the sprigs, you might induce them to tell you their source - or you might even try to propagate from the stems, if they are fresh enough!

              Please note that this is NOT the "curry plant" one finds in herb nurseries. That plant which is a gray-leaved tender perennial whose leaves smell rather like commercial curry powder. No at all the same thing.

              It is also NOT the same as murraya paniculata, an orange flower-scented ornamental bush one often finds in florist shops.

              Please tell us whether you find what you are looking for.


              1. re: Old Goat

                Do you sell lemon grass all year? If not, what seasons? Do you sell plants?

                I have 2 small pots of lemon grass that have made it through the winter on my DC window sill so far, but I would love to have more.


              2. re: dw

                Hi I am at the Bombay Curry Company, a small Indian restaurant in Alexandria and hope you found your curry leaves. If you need some for a dish you can always get some from us.
                You can buy them wholesale at ' Florida Market ' a veggie wholesale market in DC at New York and Florida ave. Go to Sam Wangs where you will also find your lemon grass.
                I do not know about lemon grass but curry leaves freeze well in a ziplock bag.