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I hope I'm posting this on the correct board! Since it's approaching beach season, I thought I'd give some advice to people going to the Ocean City, MD area (Fenwick, Rehobeth, Bethany) for the first time.
DOLLES - this is where you buy taffy, but more important is this is where you get fresh caramel corn -you need to wait to buy until they make a fresh batch when its almost too hot to eat!
ALASKA STAND - really good hamburgers!!!
BULL ON THE BEACH - tasty HUGE roast beef sandwiches. A little dry, so slop it up with horseradish and bbq sauce
???????????? - sorry, can't remember the name, but it's an ice cream place just two shops down from the Thrasher's (more later) at the Inlet end of the Boardwalk - frozen custard!
THE GENERAL'S - breakfast - Cream chipped beef!!!!
PHILLIPS - if you are not from the eastern shore go here for a crab cake and it will be the best you've ever had, if you ARE from the eastern shore you've been to OC and you know there isn't a crabcake to satisfy you in OC.
GROTTO PIZZA - they have outlets everywhere, but I only trust the one in Rehobeth, really good beach pizza
and last but NOT least...........
THRASHER'S FRENCH FRIES - open since 1929, they only sell french fries and drinks and NO CATSUP!!! the best ffs ever. some people have Thrasher's twice a day every day they are in OC. Use the vinegar and don't go far because you'll need more!
Ok, veterans, please let me know if I've gone on too long, I'm pretty new to this site. Does anyone have anymore eastern shore tips?

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  1. More on eating in Ocean City: The Bayside Skillet on Coastal Highway: still flamingo pink, still serves only omelettes and crepes - you'll hear all about how grotesquely large their portions are, but the real and closely guarded secret reason to go is that their fruit crepes are made with only fresh fruit and feature the best peaches outside Georgia and as if that's not enough what with the sheer quantity of that rarest of rare the freshly made you-name-it, they are topped with very lightly sweetened real whipped cream. Lots. You think you'll never be able to finish it, but you do, and you don't feel like a cow afterward because it isn't sickly sweet, and then there's the curious phenomenon of being deaf to the slamming down of arteries all around you from all that cream. How DO they do it?

    Then there's Anthony's on Ocean Highway, a roadside stand carving ham and beef to order for sandwiches. You'll feel like a cow afterward.

    W/r/t crabcakes, believe it or not my Mom says she's found a crabcake in O.C. at J.J.'s, 9800 Coastal Highway. This is the tiny motel-style bar/grill in the Plaza Condos - you know the type, decorated in the 70's with wood panelling and captain's chairs and never touched since? She says their "crab mountain," all lump, no filler, broiled so it looks more like a butte when it gets to the table, is as good as any we've had in Baltimore. And the Plaza sits smack on the beach - no environmentally conscious developers here - so you can sit on JJ's blue astroturf deck and watch the waves while you chow. Stay tuned, I'll be trying it myself this week.


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        phillips has been a tradition in this town for way longer the i have been working for them-obviously you have not done your homework-yes we do use some indonesian crab meat along with maryland crab meat in case you havent noticed there are no more md crabs left- that is beside the point you go to any large food show on the east and you will see phillips crab meat there almos every restaurant in oc is using phillips crab meat- will all of these establishments be prosecuted too because there crabcacks are tachnically not md crabmeat either i dont think so-yea it might not be the most spectacular crabcake in town but dont gripe about something you are not informed on

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          Phillips is over priced and over rated. It's a tourist trap. Just OK for Steamed Crabs (Higgins is much better, so is Bahama Mama's), and sub-par for everything else. The Asian crab meat is just not as tasty as Maryland, Carolina or Gulf crab meat (in that order). Phillips at Harbor Place in Baltimore is the last place to go to get good seafood of any kind.

      2. The name of the ice cream place on the boardwalk is Dumser's. Fabulous soft serve and milkshakes.

        1. Actually, the frozen custard stand *might* be Kohr Bros. -- both Kohr and Dumsers are in that area. Both are delicious.

          For a good crabcake sandwich, try (hokey name) the Crabcake Factory at the north end of the highrise district (around 77th, I think).

          1. One of our favorite restaurants is Fresco's on 82 street serving Italian and American seafood.

            Also looking for a place for Chicken wings as we will be in OC for the superbowl??

            Thanks Mike

            1. FYI....about 70% of all blue crab meat served in the mid-atlantic region comes from the Gulf of Mexico.

              Phillips is a tourist trap...there are much better places for crab cakes.

              Tequila Mockingbird has great Mexican food.

              Anthonys has great subs.

              1. I think some of the best food I've found in Maryland (I live in Baltimore) is Blue Coast and North east seafood Kitchen. Both have great food and worth the price (which is very resonable).

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                  I second all the restaurants in the Blue Coast stable. They are fantastic

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                    Interesting thread: May of 2000 (first post) is about when I started posting on here. Phillips then, as today, was an embarassment from what it once was in the early 1960's: a real crabhouse which only held about 125 or so people serving Chesapeake Bay crabs. Thrasher's french fries-in the original location-hasn't changed nor has Fisher's popcorn nearby. But much else is dramatically different especially most of the ice cream stands which have little in common with what they served in the '60's and '70's.

                    Still, this is a topic that many, many threads have been started on. Just nice to see someone resurrect an early one.

                    In many ways we still talk about the very same things.

                2. a fave of mine is fager's island. for cocktails at sunset and stay for dinner.