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May 17, 2000 04:32 PM


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Anyone know of any hole in the wall, affordable Greek places in D.C.? There's one on Pennsylvania between 3rd/4th SE, but I don't consider it inexpensive and the food's ok, but ... So I'd love suggestions.


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  1. I love the Aegean Taverna in Clarendon. Its on Wilson Blvd. I don't know how cheap you are looking for, but aside from loving the food, I go there because the service is great, you can always get a table (usually even outside) quickly, and it made the red wine drinker in me fall inlove with retsina.

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      Cool, thanks for the tip. Actually I've noticed that place before but never gone in (mainly because I always get distracted by Viet Garden or Queen Bee and end up there). So, I'll give it a chance.

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        It's no longer there, I believe. The building is, but it's empty. Something else was to open there as I recall, but I haven't seen any activity lately.

        The Greek place in McLean is not bad, but I don't think it would qualify for your expense criterion.

        But for the best in the area, I have to agree with the poster below about Baltimore.

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        Bopper Deyton

        You MUST try to get to Ambrosia on Rockville Pike (north of White Flint, at the south end of Congressional Plaza). Ambrosia has been there for years and is the best greek place in DC. Their lamb specials are always fantastic - kind of down home kind of cooking! I guarentee you will enjoy it.

        1. forget DC and go to Baltimore----greektown off 895 N
          at Lombard st for the real thing

          1. Fugettabohdit. You're better off on a Saturday shuttle to LGA ($90) and dinner at Christos Hasapos Taverna (call a cab) than at any "Greek" place in metro DC. But for a stand up lunch, what my boys and I call "The Greek Place" (west side of 19th between M and L) is fantastic. Give Kosta my regards.

            1. The original comment has been removed