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May 11, 2000 04:25 PM

New Restaurant in Baltimore Called Louisiana?

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Has anyone heard of this place? It's in Fells Point, and we are thinking of going there for Mother's Day Brunch.


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    Melissa Garland

    Yes! I've been there (it's about two blocks from where I live). The lobster bisque is excellent- I can highly recommend it. A dollop of aged sherry that the server added to it gave it just the right flavor. While a trifle overseasoned, the salmon was very good too. Someone else had recommended it to me as "the best salmon that he had ever eaten". I wouldn't go *that* far. The bread was merely OK (this restaurant needs to take advantage of the new Bonaparte Breads which will be opening in the neighborhood soon!)

    We went there on April Fools day and the server proceeded to give us a detailed description of the "duck noggin" special. We were completely taken in and didn't realize that it was a joke. While some people might have been offended, I thought that it was a funny little joke.

    All in all a very good restaurant.

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      Had a wonderful meal at Lousiana's recently. Near perfect.