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May 6, 2000 12:05 AM

best crabcake in America

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Originally from Maryland, and a connoseiur of Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs, I speak with authority as well as the vote of 25 years worth of Marylander's when I say that Box Hill Pizzeria has the best crabcake in the US. It is all lump backfin, broiled, and is served slightly "wet". If you have to ask don't read any further, you don't have the "crab skills" to understand what makes it the best. Served year round, but of course, at the height of flavor from Mid-May until Mid-October. Box Hill Pizzeria is located in Abingdon, Maryland, about thirty minutes north of Baltimore. It is simply indescribably delicious. Makes my mouth water just typing this.

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  1. Now, Mike, as a Maryland native myself ("goin' danny oshun, hon?"), I'm completely with you in spirit (though don't know Box Hill)... but may I gently remind you in hushed tones, not everyone was as fortunate as we were to grow up on the Chesapeake and absorb crab skills with the salt air. So we must be sensitive to the less fortunate, Mike, and not be contemptuous of their poor crab skills. Remember, some people grew up on Mrs. Pauls! Sad, but true. So teach them, don't judge them... the ones who *most* need to read your description of the perfect crabcake are precisely those people who have never before pondered the question. That goes for all of the raves on these boards--we all benefit from hearing vivid descriptions of unknown foods.

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      Very late reply, but I must chime in: The best crabcakes in the world are found at the Robert Morris House in Oxford, MD, across the Tred Avon river from St. Michaels. Huge lumps of backfin crabmeat, & you can order them either broiled or fried. James Michener ("Chesapeake") concurs!

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        Best I've had: Captain's Galley in Crisfield, MD. The restaurant's a little slick, but the crabcakes are wonderful. The menu lists them in a variety of ways (fried, broiled, lump crab, claw, etc.). And, let me put in a good word for the National Hard Crab Derby, that takes place every Labor Day weekend in Crisfield. Lots of fun, kitschy and otherwise.

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      cinnamon/SDNY (crab ignoramus from nyc)

      Please, sir, may i have some more crab skills?

      1. Best crabcakes anywhere can be found at the "Frog and the Redneck" in Richmond from chef Jimmy Sneed. The recipe was published in the May (? or June) 1994 issue of Gourmet magazine. Follow it to the letter. I'm from Baltimore and I have been making them for years. This recipe rules!

        1. Box Hill best I ever have had ( 63 years old) until I tasted Woody's in Dewey Beach, Del. OMG........Can anyone get their recipes? Both are insanely perfect crabcakes!