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Jan 15, 2001 12:26 AM

pasta bowls

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I thought they were fancy soup bowls. A lady at Macy's enlightened me. What better way to serve certain , one dish meals. My quest is 12 of these beauty's. My thing, is to get a killer deal. Anyone?

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  1. Go to William Sonoma or Crate and Barrel and buy classic clear glass or white bowls. They'll go with everything and should be relatively inexpensive.

    1. I have some Apilco pasta bowls for individual servings that are all white, great looking, indestructible and oven-proof. Apilco is available at Williams-Sonoma. It's not cheap but worth every penny. Also white, I found some smaller size bowls, that I use for smaller servings of pasta or soup,at Dean and Deluca for $5.00 each. I'm not sure if they would withstand a really hot oven, but I have warmed them.

      1. I have a strong aversion to paying retail too. (g)

        Try the Crate & Barrel outlet or Dansk outlet on Fourth Street in Berkeley. It's been a few years but I used to buy Apilco from a restaurant supply store in San Carlos that would sell at trade prices to retail customers - worth checking into.

        1. Try Economy Restaurant Fixtures in San Francisco; they give 20% discount to the general public, 30% off to food industry pros. Huge selection of kitchen/restaurant equipment (including white oversized dinnerware) -- been around since 1964. Great fun to wander around on a weekend and play with the 5-ft. long whisks & pizza peels!

          Economy Restaurant Fixtures
          1200 Seventh St. (under I-280, way SOMA)


          1. Whoa Nelly, I hit the mother load of pasta bowls. Rats, I so enjoy the hunt. Thanks for the help. Great chat, great people.

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              "I hit the mother load of pasta bowls. Rats, I so enjoy the hunt."

              spoken like a true chowhound! ("bad news, honey...I just found the best sushi in the world...")