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Feb 17, 2000 08:04 PM

Baltimore Bar Food

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Anyone interested is sharing information on bar's with good food in Baltimore. Seems like a lot of bars serve food, but it's tough for one man alone to venture into the wilderness dodging cans of coors lite and deep-fried frozen shrimp.
To whet the palate, I can recommend Peter's Inn (and not just because it's my namesake). On Anne St. just off of Eastern Ave. in Fell's Point. Cozy place. I had very good vegetable and crab soup and main meal of rockfish (aka striped bass). The fish was around $14. The limited menu also had a 2 vegetarian dishes and a steak in cream sauce, if I remember correctly. A good beer selection, too.

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  1. I don't get up to Baltimore as much as I should, but I know some of the brewpubs have decent food. Sisson's, for one, was known as a restaurant long before they installed the brewhouse. It's on Cross Street, and has Cajun-influenced food. Wharf Rat Camden Yards has British-style beers and good food. I like the fish & chips. Bill Oliver, the owner, explained to me that it's necessary to splash on plenty of malt vinegar on the entire plate of food. Baltimore Brewing Co, on Albemarle, across Pratt from Little Italy, has great German-style beer and food. The Brewer's Art has Belgian-style beers and pretty good food from what I've heard.

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      Melissa Garland

      Jim is right, Baltimore Brewing Company (called BBC by many Baltimoreans) does have good food. Also very, very good beer- called DeGroen's, which is made at BBC- a Baltimore legend. My favorite (being a dark beer lover) is the Dunkels. Try the beer sampler if you go there. It has about 6 smaller glasses so that you get to taste the many offerings of DeGroen's. Marzen is also good.

      Other good bar food can be had at Duda's Tavern in Fells Point. This is one of my favorites and I live in the neighborhood. So far it's not overrun by tourists, being ever so slightly off the beaten path. It's at the corner of Thames and Bond streets. Do yourself a favor and try the crab cake sandwich (about $11) on a kaiser roll. These crab cakes are wonderful. They are unfortunately served with potato chips (rather lackluster potato chips at that) The good news is that the crab cake itself is more than enough to eat and you probably won't even need to eat the chips. Also, on another bad note, a Guinness costs $4, which is pretty steep. Save your beer money for BBC.

      On Tuesdays Koopers Tavern on Thames has 1/2 price burgers. Beer is also 1/2 price. Two people can eat a full meal with beer for around $13. Not bad, and the burgers are very good. Try the "Elvis" with bleu cheese. (all of the burgers here are named after staff members' dogs. Cute) Very good.

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        Romans has very good food in a nice neighborhood bar nobody is likely to stumble across by accident. Roman's is on the 100 block of S. Decker Ave, both East and North of Patterson Park (it's in that little notch which prevents the park from being a perfect square). The crab cakes are made by a woman down the street. The Turkey is top notch. And Roman, the owner and cook, makes the best cole slaw I've ever had.
        As a bar, it's a friendly neighborhood place, catering to the old locals of the neighborhood and more than a few young cops. There's Bass on tap, but the bottled beers are colder. Natty Bo is $1.

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          Romans and Duda's rule.