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Feb 14, 2000 03:08 PM

Silver Spring

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Got to go to the theater in Sliver Spring. Corner of Univ. Blvd and Colesville Rd. Any good pre dinner places nearby? Any cuisine will do for now. Make it casual, good and reasonable. $60-$80 for two (with wine) Thanks.

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  1. The previous sender was about to attend a show at Silver Spring Stage. Thanks for the support! If you want seafood, you can eat at Sam & Harry's across the street, tho it's not that great. In Woodmoor Shopping Center, where SSS is, is a Chinese restaurant which is not half-bad. There's also an Italian market/deli but it closes by 6. And a great bakery open till 9 several nights a week. Aside from those, the closest dining you can find that's not fast-food would be in nearby Wheaton (via University Blvd) or White Oak (via Colesville Rd. north). There are restaurants in downtown Silver Spring, but that's several miles south on Colesville Rd.