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Feb 4, 2000 03:53 PM

pho cong ly/attention: Big Dog

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Jim-Where exactly in Arlington & DC can good pho cong ly be had? My sister lives in Arlington and I visit frequently. My sister and her husband claim it's hard to get really good food in their area unless you pay up, but I think they just haven't looked hard enough. They are also leery of non-Western food, but I bet ya I could interest them in some pho.

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  1. Martha, THANK YOU for posting this on the correct board! It'd be great if everyone were as careful about this kind of thread management...makes these boards easier for all of us to use!

    Here are the VA branches of Pho 75. I'm not down there often enough to track which are better, which are downhill, etc, so caveat eater:

    PHO 75:
    * Arlington, 1711 Wilson Boulevard; 703/525-7355. Open daily 9 am to 8 pm.
    * Falls Church, 103 Graham Road, Suite B; 703/204-1490. Open daily 9 am to 8 pm.
    * Rockville, 771 Hungerford Drive; 301/309-8873. Open daily 9 am to 8 pm.
    * Langley Park, 1510 University Boulevard East; 301/434-7844. Open daily 9 am to 8 pm. No credit cards.

    I LOVE the Thai food at Thai Square, 3217 Columbia Pike, Arlington 685-7040. don't miss sun-dried beef or honey duck.

    there's a great burget place in arlington that uses a different kind of potato for its (fresh, obviously) french fries every week. it's the platonic form of the fast food burger joint. can't remember its, anybody!


    ps--also good peruvian chicken near the burger joint. I love arlington.

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      the burger place is Five Guys, now in Alex. at the intersection of Beauregard and Route 7. Fresh-meat beef burgers and peanut oil fries. the best!

    2. Go to Pho 75. It recently reopened in Arlington on Wilson Blvd. The prices are very low.

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        Hey, that's good news! Though caring about prices re: pho is sort of like caring about prices re: gum!

        Is it as good as before? And why the deep cover...surely you can do better, ID-wise, than a single period!

        thanks a million for the info!!


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          When I went back to Pho 75 I had the same wondeful experience that I had there before. I've heard some people say they've been there and the broth wasn't as good but I'd imagine that it's different every day.