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Nov 18, 1999 09:55 AM

Breakfast in D.C. or Northern Virginia

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Looking for some great breakfast places--not fancy, not brunch, some place with great home cooked breakfast and preferably some personality too. Any suggestions?

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  1. These aren't exactly secret places, but they're good:

    Ben's Chili Bowl (1213 U st. NW, DC 667-0909) is a favorite ultra-divey breakfast spot. They serve breakfast (or did last time I checked) mon-sat 6-11am, open sun at 12, and late night every other night (2am mon-th, 4 am weekends).

    also, florida ave. grill (1100 florida ave NW, DC, 265-1586) used to make a great breakfast


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Speaking of Ben's Chili Bowl, I have a question: Are you supposed to pay when you get your food or when you're done with your meal? Every time I go there I'm not sure, and the staff doesn't seem to care either way. Anyone?


      1. re: Chris
        Malikah Collier

        You pay after you eat.