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Oct 12, 1999 03:56 PM

Bertha's and Bo Brooks

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I'm going down to Baltimore and I'm curious about Bertha's. I've seen the bumper sticker everywhere and I've never actually eaten there (I go to Baltimore frequently). Is is worth a stop? Are the mussels any good? How about their afternoon tea?
I went to Bo Brooks for crabs and they were enormous, sweet, meaty and tender. They also have very large, deep-fried onion rings that are somewhat over-breaded but greasy and finger-lickin' good.

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  1. I have not been to Bertha's in over 20 years so I will have to beg off that question. The only thing I do remember is that it was very touristy. This said there is a really great restaurant in The American Visionary Art Museum. The Museum is near the inner harbor and has a great view. Fantastic wine list to boot. I had the tuna special and it was cooked perfectly. Make sure you see the gigantic Whirligig in the outdoor central plaza. Also in Baltimore have a drink in Peabody's Book Store an original speakeasy with authentic dust. Its on St.Paul or Charles Street.

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      Had mussels at Bertha's about a year ago and they were absolutely awful! They were cooked down to the size of baby peas and were, predictably, dry and pasty. I'd never go back.

      Try instead John Steven on Ann and Thames (maybe a block or two from Bertha's). They make a great basket of steamed shrimp in Old Bay seasoning. I also had a mighty fine crabcake there just a few weeks ago. Can't vouch for their mussels but it seems everything that comes out of their kitchen is consistent. Great selection of beers, too.

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        Melissa Garland

        Better mussels can be had at John Steven, a restaurant down the street from Bertha's at Thames and Ann St. The last time that I went to Bertha's the mussels were decidedly NOT good, and the service was abysmal. Someone else mentioned that it was overrun w/ tourists. I second that opinion.

      2. Bertha's was splendid years ago, now is one of the country's worst downhill disaster stories. Sorry.

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          Bertha's is terrible...........their famous mussels actually smelled bad the last time we were there. We were unable to eat them and would never go there again.