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Jul 18, 1999 04:43 PM

Suggestions for Washington DC, with kids?

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We'd like to eat in some places that are kid friendly,
but offer interesting food for the adults. The kids
will try new things. We are staying right off the
Mall, but we love taking the Metro to other parts of
the city. Thanks.

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  1. Chinatown, small as it is, is always a good fallback
    position. I had good experiences there when my kids
    were 7 and 11.

    1. Il Radicchio, a venerable standby in Dupont Circle: took my 7-year old niece there and she *raved.* Perfect for kids, with its big-bowl of spag and choose-your-own-sauce; or try a pizza. As for us a-dults, it's seen better days. But still worth a visit. And much, *much* better you take kids there than to someplace like Chickie Cheese!