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Apr 18, 1999 01:12 PM

Full Kee, D.C.

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Does Full Kee do Dim Sum, or can someone recommend
another choice for that meal in D.C. or Bethesda?

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  1. I feel like Full Kee does not do dim sum, but I could
    be wrong. I heartily recommend going there for a big
    lunchtime bowl of soup with shrimp dumplings and
    noodles (order from the card in the middle of the
    table). For dim sum, my family loves oriental East,
    near the Giant supermarket in Silver Spring, on (or
    right next to) East-West Hwy. It's VERY crowded, so go
    early. definitely worth it. I love the clams in black
    bean sauce with hot peppers and the pork buns and
    pretty much everything else.

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    1. re: Jessica

      Thanks for the tips. We'll be there for a family event
      soon and we'll try to sneak away and check out these
      suggestions. Shrimp won ton and noodle soup is one of
      my faves. Especially hangover days!

      1. re: Heidi

        We live in Bethesda, and are searching for some good ethnic restaurants for Indian and Korean food. Can be in DC, Silver Spring, Wheaton, wherever--but prefer inexpensive, fun, full of natives and delicious, of course! Also, any Cuban restaurants?

        1. re: Barbara

          Indian retaurants near bethesda

          A nice one in bethesda is Bombay Dining- Their Chicken Tikka Masala is very tasty and not spicy at all- a great way to introduce indian-neophytes to the cuisine.
          I really like it as a take-out treat. Our "vegetarian" friends love when we order it, becuase they dip their bread in the sauce.

          Also good is Bombay Bistro in rockville. These dishes are a little more on the spicy/complex side.

          I think you'll be satisfied with either of these choices.

      2. re: Jessica

        Oriental East (1290 East-West Hwy. in Silver Spring) is easily my hands-down favorite for lunch in the DC area. It's dim sum is every bit as good as that served in the superlative Ton Kiang in the Richmond district of San Francisco. The best shrimp (in a plethora of styles) I have ever eaten! Best to be there at 11:00 when they open. It fills up quickly, and with all this great food, who wants to leave?!

      3. No dim sum at Full Kee, although they do a mean pan-
        fried dumpling. Soups are a strong point; I prefer
        the Hong Kong style shrimp wonton soup (a shrimp
        dumpling without added mushroom, I think), but there
        are many other specialities too delicious to

        For my money, they do the definitive clams with black
        bean sauce, their vegetables, especially the snow pea
        leaves (now going out of season), are delectable, the
        shredded pork and bean curd with black bean sauce is
        outstanding, and the hot pots are very tasty--my
        favorite is the fried oysters with ginger and scallion.

        But the best is the soft-shelled crabs...they only
        serve them fresh and they do them tempura style...the
        best soft-shells I have ever eaten.

        Don't tell too many people about Full Kee; I want to
        be able to get in.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC

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        1. re: Jim Zurer

          Jim, thank you so much but I've already returned and
          as it was, I was the very unlucky recipient of the
          most violent flu I've had in recent memory. There was
          NO WAY I was able to eat anything at all. The best I
          could muster was being propped up in a chair, bottle
          of Emetrol in hand at a Bar Mitzvah reception. Not a
          pretty sight. I will keep this information, though,
          since we are there a few times yearly. Thanks again.