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Jan 12, 2001 05:52 PM

Intriguing Dining at The San Fran/San Mateo County Line??

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Ok, it is a gang infested,hi crime part of town.The Rio Bravo Restaurant serving "mexican,nicaraugan and ecuadorian" food at 6123 Mission St. at Evergreen in Daly City and The Bistro E Europe at 4901 Mission St at France in SF.Serving "traditional Eastern European,Roma and New American food" There was "guolash,langos and Csardas" on the menu and everything seems to be $5.95.These spots look darn interesting.Anybody outthere know them?

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  1. For $5.95, you go first DD. Would love to hear about the langos.

    1. If you want to call a part of town where working people (like me) live names, then so be it. I haven't been to Bistro e Europa yet, but it looks interesting. They claim to serve Romany (gypsy) food. This part of town isn't fancy, but we do have a wonderful old-fashioned Italian deli (Sorrento's) in the neighborhood and my family could afford a house here.