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Apr 7, 1999 04:29 PM

Indonesian in Baltimore/DC area

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Does anyone know of a good Indonesian restaurant in the Baltimore/DC area? I've only had this type of food in Amsterdam, & haven't been able to find any in the US

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  1. We know of a great Indonesian restaurant in Wheaton, MD--Sabang. We had a surprise birthday party for my husband last summer with a large group of people, and they did a wonderful Rijstaffel. And the service was great, too. Everyone loved it--even those folks who had never eaten Indonesian food.

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    1. re: Barbara

      I ate there more than 8 years ago!! Thanks for
      reminding me. Back then, I thought it was the best
      Indonesian in the DC area. Nice to hear it's still

      1. re: Gary Cheong

        My family ate at Sabang last Sunday evening and
        everyone was pleased. My wife had grilled shrimp
        and I had a chicken dish. Delicious. Our daughters,
        who are picky eaters, liked it pretty well, too.