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Apr 2, 1999 12:05 PM

Baltimore's Little Italy

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any suggestions for a truly well prepared southern
italian meal here?or are we talking tourist traps
only?looking for red sauce, well spiced,nice wines by
the glass..of course this meal should be reasonable...

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    chris b. shaw

    Adam perhaps I am being a snob HOWEVER! I've never had a memorable meal in Baltimore's little Italy.For a true Baltimore experience try Obrycki's for either crab cakes or in season steamed crabs. They just dump them on the table and you start whacking away. If you are going now I wholeheartedly recommend the cafe in the American Visionary Musuem. Fantastic view of the inner harbor and truly interesting and conceived food. A great wine list and very knowledgable staff. By all means walk through the inner harbor, but do not stop. It less then 1/2 mile from Baltimore's Little Italy. Have fun in Bawlmer,and don't wear your Yankees hat.

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    1. re: chris b. shaw

      Most of the meals I've had in Little Italy have been good, and I've been to 5 or 6 different restaurants. Most of them have menus in their window, so you can see if they have what you want. I love Amicci's, but it's not really traditional Italian. Whatever you do, stay away from La Tavola. The food's ok, but the service is horrendous, & the owner is the biggest jerk I've ever encountered in a restaurant. My best tip for you is to skip dessert at which ever restaurant you choose, and just head over to Vaccarro's. It's a dessert only place, and it's fabulous! By the way, I disagree about Obrycki's. It's so overpriced, and the crabs aren't any better then other crab houses. If you want true Baltimore, blue collar atmosphere & great crabs (& good prices), try Gunnings in Brooklyn. Have fun!!

      1. re: Amy

        Vaccaro's: agree. Fabulous pastry. The cannoli kit is a great deal. You get enough shells and cream to make six cannoli for $8.95 or so, as opposed to the $15 six cannoli would set you back, and you can make them at your leisure. Also, they give you enough cream to really stuff those bad boys, and still have some left over to lick off the spoon.

        Obrycki's: disagree. I think their crabs are the best in town. While the black pepper coating is not traditional, the crabs I've gotten there have always been nice and heavy, fully of big lumps.