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Mar 1, 1999 08:00 PM


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Visiting DC soon. Would appreciate any suggestions for
reasonably priced restaurants, including places for
breakfast. Suggestions for steak, seafood, Italian.
Staying in the Capitol area. Thanks in advance. MJ

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  1. I'm from DC, but I don't live there now, so I don't
    have my phone book for exact addresses...I go back
    often, so I'm pretty trustworthy...
    DC has many a steakhouse - I don't know how reasonably
    priced you'll find them. There's the Capital Grille,
    which is downtown, not too far from the National
    Gallery. There's also the Palm, on 19th St., which is
    farther from where you'll be.
    As for breakfast, the New Orleans Cafe used to be good.
    It's in Adams-Morgan, a good place to walk around.
    Great fish dishes at Kinkead's, at 2000
    Pennsylvania Ave.

    1. I was just in DC and had a wonderful Ethiopian meal at Zed's on M Street in Georgetown -- it's supposed to be the best Ethiopian in the city, which means it's far superior to anything in NY. By general consensus the best dish was the zilzil... tibs? Zilzil something, anyway -- but everything was delicious, and they have African beer (though not the elusive St.George, which I loved back in the mid-'80s when the Red Sea used to have it but haven't seen since). Oh, and the profiterole is great -- nothing to do with Ethiopia, but who cares? And prices are very reasonable.

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      1. re: steve d.

        Meskerem, in Adams-Morgan, has great Ethiopian food,
        and you sit at these cool-looking basket-tables. Just
        a tip in case you are in search of Ethiopian fare in DC

        The best Italian in DC that I can think of (and
        I believe Italian was one of the cuisines mentioned) is
        Galileo, on M St. and 21st (or maybe 22nd). It is very
        expensive, but it is A-OK.

        1. re: Jessica

          Yeah, I ate at Meskerem last time I was in DC -- it was good, but in my opinion Zed's is better (even if no basket chairs -- they've got stuff like that stashed downstairs where the restrooms are, for some reason). Meskerem in Manhattan isn't bad, for NY Ethiopian. Meskerem, by the way, is the name of the first month of the Ethiopian calendar -- I think it corresponds to Sept./Oct.
          -- Steve the Linguist

          1. re: steve d.

            Hey Steve the Linguist --

            Yeah, I knew that about Meskerem, but I'm pretty darn
            smart... :)

            I admit, I haven't tried Zed's, and I have heard it's
            good. I'm going home to DC in a few weeks, so maybe
            I'll get myself there. Thanks for the recommendation!