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Do you create unique foods? Get great advice

Great Eastern, Chinatown -- thumbs up, thx!

Kara Jan 10, 2001 11:27 PM

Thanks for this and many other suggestions, fellow hounds. Another hit.

Checked it out for lunch today. Got the beef and tofu. Asked for it with less oil, as I usually do. The beef was tender and juicy. The tofu could have been added to the sauce a bit earlier to absorb more of the sauce, which was incredibly succulent, juicy, and smooth. I felt drinking this sauce, but there was only a teaspoon or two to drink up. And I'm not a sauce drinker! So, if the tofu had been added a bit earlier, and possibly even quickly deep-fried first for a split second, the dish would have been heaven. Also, there was a lot of tofu, about 4 oz and only about 1-2 oz of beef. But in any case, it was well above average, and for only $6 for lunch, a steal. Just made a reservation for 10 after that.

Also, the ambiance was a big plus. Clean, obviously recently renovated with new carpet and new glossy black banquet chairs, linens, pleasant decor, and above average service.

Thanks again for this and other tips!