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Jun 14, 2006 05:25 PM

Dartmouth/Lebanon/St. Johnsbury VT recs?

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Traveling up that way this weekend and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for the area. Prefer vegetarian/fish options, but Italian ok too. Relatively inexpensive if possible.

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. We love Elements in St Johnsbury. Really very good, fresh food and lovely atmosphere.

    Yama in West Lebanon has fab, cheap Korean and Japanese food. Don't be put off by how it looks. The food is very tasty and great value. Would recommend the tempura lunch box or the bimibab (sp?).


    1. I second the Yama recommendation -- quite tasty, though I've only ordered the Korean menu, not Japanese. I recommend the vegetarian bimbimbop. The Norwich Inn pub has some outdoor seating and offers great tweaks on pub classics, good but limited menu/veg/seafood options. They've got a sample pub menu on their website: They also brew their own beer. I think the quality of food for the price is better there (or at the Carpenter and Main pub across the street - though I'm pretty sure their veg options are more limited) than anywhere in Hanover itself (Hanover has good bad Indian, Thai, and American cuisine). Isabel's is a great little diner in Thetford, VT that makes the most amazing blueberry muffins, ever. Get one grilled. They're closed on Sundays. The Fairlee Diner (in Fairlee, VT) is my hands-down favorite for breakfast. I love their pancakes. Mmm. The Lebanon Coop's prepared foods section is pretty tasty, and they've got a sandwich bar thing going on, with some tasty and exciting vegetarian options. Allechante in Norwich has good sandwiches, too, a little $$. For good inexpensive Italian (red sauce), I'd recommend Colatina Exit in Bradford, VT. In my experience, the best of that genre in the area. Have heard good things about Perfect Pear, the new Tip Top, and Painted Tables (or something to that effect), but not sure about prices and haven't been there myself. Most of these places have websites. Good luck!

      1. I'm going to chime in here as well about Yama. I went there for lunch today and it was a delicious surprise and very inexpensive. I loved that the Yama House Specials for Lunch came with 6 little side dishes of yummy stuff (spicy cucumbers, sweet beans, seaweed salad, bean sprout salad, etc.) in addition to rice and the main dish. And the whole thing was only $6.95.

        I also had a sushi roll which was very tasty.

        As far as comments about the lack of ambience in this thread and another, the interior is not in any way unattractive - its just spare or minimalist. Its very clean and the chairs are a warm orange; there's art on the walls...

        I'm definitely going back asap.