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Jun 14, 2006 12:35 PM

NYC hound bound for Plainfield VT

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Hi, I've never vistited this board before but I'm curious as to what's up for this area in Vermont.
What's all the not-to-miss-quintessential-Vermont facts and deatails?
I'm not too concerned about fancy, but any recommendations are welcome.

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  1. If you have a chance, visit the farmer's market held in Montpelier on Saturday mornings. There are all the beautiful vegetables,handmade cheeses and flowers you might expect, but also some surprising and delicious ethnic foods.
    Sue in Brookfield, where Ariel's Restaurant on the Floating Bridge Pond is also quite wonderful.

    1. There's a local chow board which may be helpful to you. See link below.

      I guess Plainfield offers the notorious Rainbow Sweets. The floor show from the owner is worth the tab alone. Very good European style pastries.


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      1. re: Jayne in VT

        Rainbow Sweets is actually in Marshfield, not far from Plainfield.

        In "downtown" Plainfield, there's also Positive Pie, with NY style pizza (very good -- but why would you want to come from there to get that here -- there IS the ambience, however).

        1. re: Mark in VT

          So it is. Thanks for clearing that one up - I guess they all merge together for me after a while ;)

      2. Try River Run. Delicious BBQ and other fanciful treats. Catfish and breakfast are proudly noted.

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        1. re: Vtfirecat

          Strongly second River Run!
          By no means typical VT fare, but wonderful. Superb hushpuppies. A fascinating place, too.

          1. re: sophie fox

            I just went to River Run and was very disappointed. Hush puppies were dried out and nothing like they are down south. The ribs were very fatty/chewy - so much so that it was hard to bite from the ribs. The only upside was the BBQ sauce which I thought was quite good.
            I had high expectations. Instead I (and my companion) left and shortly developed stomach pains. Win some, lose some.

        2. Two items of note, as I just stopped off through Plainfield.

          First, Positive Pie is not very good pizza to me. The crust has very little, to no, elasticity. The sauce is bland. And the ingredients were sparse and added little to no flavour to the pie. I would say this is a type of pizza you could get anywhere outside CT/NY. (e.g. if you ordered pizza in Pennsylvania somewhere, this is what I'd expect.) Very disappointing to a New Haven pizza junkie.

          Second, note that River Run is closed on Monday & Tuesday.

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          1. re: Jestner

            >Second, note that River Run is closed on Monday & Tuesday.

            and they close after serving brunch on Sunday.

            I had a slice of pesto pizza at Positive Pie which was pretty good, but remember to BYOB if you go.

          2. Agree with the assessment of positive pie, which I have always thought was overrated. But I wanted to add that you should not miss the opportunty to bag one of summertime VT's greatest treats, the Maple Creamee (real maple-syrup flavoured soft serve ice cream in a cone). You can find excellent ones at Bragg Farm and Morse Farm, both near Plainfield.