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Jun 14, 2006 11:00 AM

The Dirty Truth - new bar in Northampton, MA - report

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I was in Northampton last night and headed with two friends to the Dirty Truth, a brand new bar owned by the owner(s?) of The Moan and Dove in Amherst. Dirty Truth just opened on Friday, so the service was a little disorganized, but it was quite busy for a Tuesday night.

I really liked this place, the room is really nice, with several big, high tables, one or two normal tables as well. It's quite a different atmosphere from Moan and Dove which has a more local and homey feeling, but this place fits in well in Northampton. Dirty Truth has 40 beers on tap, and then a menu of 20 more bottles (which are mainly expensive). Didn't even notice if they have any cheap beer at all (cheap = less than 4 dollars). But 40 beers on tap is pretty awesome. I had Stone IPA which I really like, I've had it a lot at Moan and Dove.

They also have a food menu, which seems pretty nice...lots of main dishes, cheese plates, burgers, etc and also several side orders/snacks. Friends and I shared an order of "fries and sides"....the sides were homemade mayonaise and homemade ketsup, both really tasty. At first we didn't realize that the homemade ketchup *was* ketsup so after tasting it, we asked if we could also have some ketsup. Our waitress brought us another dish of the same stuff, at which point we realized. Haha

This place is definitely worth checking out....I have a feeling it's gonna be the type of bar that is crowded a LOT, especially during sox games (like last night). Chauu
Dave M.P.

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  1. i was there last weekend and had the 'sausages' entree off the menu.. locally-produced kielbasa and bratwurst with buttered onions and crostini. really some of the best meat ive had in recent memory... goes really nicely with one of the smoked (rauchbier) beers they serve.


    1. Went to the Dirty Truth with some friends Thursday night. I won't say I didn't have fun. However, since I'm really really old, I thought the place was incredibly noisy. There was some kind of throbbing musical soundtrack in the background, which was not identifiable (to me, at least) as any sort of specific music. My girlfriend, who has very exotic tastes, ordered a seltzer. They didn't have any (I think the server said they ran out, but she may have said she was from Toledo and her feet were size 9 1/2. Like I said, it was noisy.) Order got changed to a diet cola, which they did have. But getting a straw was definitely out of the question. We considered sending a scouting party down to Fitzwilly's to gather one, but organizing anything so complex was too difficult.

      I stupidly asked if they had an IPA. What I should have asked was the over/under on the number of IPAs, taking 20 as a conservative bet. I ended up with the Stone as well. Good choice.

      We didn't have any food. I imagine the novelty of the place will wear off to some degree over the next few weeks and months, but I will say this: there's no other place in Noho like it, and it's a hell of lot better than the previous occupant of the space.

      1. Heading to the Dirty Truth on Thursday for pre-concert (Aimee Mann!) beers and food. Has anyone been there more recently and have any new beer/food recommendations for me? THanks!

        1. my original post still stands. try the sausages.

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          1. Had a wonderful Oktober-something beer on draft last Thursday. I didn't try the sausages, because I tried one of the specials instead which was mussels with red sauce and sausages. It was tasty. The mussel dish on the menu looked even better with a white wine cream sauce and both come piled high with perfect shoestring fries. The fries are served with mayo and ketchup; I'm not a catch-up fan, so I opted for the mayo.

            Definitely a place I would go back to, however, the noise level is really high and made conversation difficult in a group of 5. So not a place I would hang out all night at, but more of a happy hour/bar meal stop.