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Jan 10, 2001 07:37 PM

Sharing my secret (sushi in Richmond)

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Being fairly new to the Bay area, I haven't been to many
sushi restaurants here, but being a former frequent customer at Nozawa in LA, I can highly recommend
Yoshi-san's Monkichi (at 23rd and California).

Monkichi is a fairly small, low key place that serves up
remarkable sushi and cooked dishes.

Daily sushi specials usually include seared bonito, albacore, sawara (ono), scallop, crab, salmon belly, yellowtail belly, halibut, and uni, among others. Occasionally there may be sea bass, sardine, or live scallop.

On my most recent visit (this past monday) the albacore
and the sawara were truly outstanding. Also check out the Good Time Roll (shrimp tempura cut roll covered with albacore and drizzled with scallion, tobiko, and garlic ponzu), Poison (spicy) Caterpillar roll (with homemade
eel sauce), marinated shittakes w/garlic, gyozas, dinosaur feet (diced shrimp and shiso leaf tempura),
and the seafood salad, an assortment of fish with wakame
(sweet seaweed) with spicy chile oil sauce.
This is just to name a few things.

Chef/owner Yoshi-san is a very warm and accomodating. I recommend sitting at the bar, as he is the only chef
and wait times can get a bit long at the tables.

Enjoy, chowhounds!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your find with us. I checked it out the other night, remembering your raves on the quality of the sushi, the innovative rolls, and delicious grilled fish. I agree with you on the quality of most of the dishes, but one of the rolls which looked stunning in soybean paper, tasted utterly lackluster.

    You certainly were right on the mark re. service -- 10 mins to even get tea, 25 mins to get sushi at the bar. Not that 25 mins is a long time to wait to be served, but for sushi one is accustomed to getting it in 5 or so mins. After 15 mins or so, seeing how the only sushi chef had orders back-logged from the dining room, I did tell him not to worry about mine. But others at the bar were waiting just as long as I was.

    I never got my miso soup but was charged for it. The only red wine they had was something in a jug. Then, sitting at the sushi bar dreaming of a zin and some unagi, I noticed a bottle of pinot noir on the back counter. I ordered a glass of that and Yoshi and the server found it quite funny -- saying it was only for decoration.

    Seems they just need an extra server, some polite servers, a back-up sushi chef and a basic wine list. Monkichi's would be great for take-out. Thanks for the recommendation!