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Jan 10, 2001 02:46 AM

Lappert's Ice Cream in Cloverdale!

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Cloverdale, previously better known for out-of-work loggers and methamphetamine labs, is in the midst of a downtown renaissance of sorts. The movie house has re-opened, long vacant store fronts have new retail tenants, the print shop is sporting a liquor license notice for a small beer factory, and a few new restaurants have opened.

Cloverdale Coffee Company & Ice Cream Parlor (105 E. First St., Cloverdale, 707-894-0846) is among the newcomers. I didn't pay much attention until I noticed the script on the window touting "Lappert's Ice Cream". Could it be? Yes, it's true!

The owner, Jeff, said it was tough to convince Lappert to ship up here. But he wanted the best, and Lappert's was it in his book. He's offering more than a dozen flavors, including Kauai Pie. Jeff asked whether I was "local", and I think it paid off with a kamaiina deal. The double scoop cone was more like a double-double; I doubt he made any money by charging me only $2.50 for that huge serving.

Other offerings are espresso and coffee drinks (Lappert's, of course), Italian sodas, pastries from Schat's in Mendocino, and hot dogs and sausages.

Jeff has another full-time job and takes the night and weekend shifts himself. His place opens at 5:30am on weekdays, 8:00am on weekends, and closes at 9:30pm or 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday. He has his eye on quality and I hope he can make a go of it.

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  1. Never having been to Hawaii, I discovered Lappert's in California--at a funky place on Cannery Row in Monterey right near the aquarium, to be precise. I have also had it at the Sausalito outlet, and at the airport...

    The link below shows where it can be found (Cloverdale location not addedyet, apparently). Mainland operation is based in Richmond

    Link: http://www.lapperts.com/stores.html

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      Cool, there's one in Los Altos only a couple of miles from where my Dad lives.

      Next trip there...

      1. re: Caitlin

        That would be the weird and wonderful Kalisa's which is a throw-back to the '60s.

        Another ice cream we haven't talked about lately is Uncle Gaylord's. I liked the refreshing iciness, like homemade, that contrasted with the tongue-coating butter fat. My favorite flavor was called Persian something which was rosewater, almond and lemon. Still around?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Yes, Kalisa's. As far as I knew, Uncle Gaylord's was a thing of the past, but I found a listing for and Uncle Gaylord's Ice Cream Cafe at 721 Irving in SF. I remember having Uncle Gaylord's as a child in Berkeley. I haven't had it since that shop closed oh, twenty years ago....Being a kid when I had it, I went for kid-pleasing flavors, and I remember that it was the first place I ever encountered mint chip ice cream without green coloring.

          1. re: Caitlin

            Thanks for the research, Caitlin. Uncle Gaylord's had the freshest, most unadulturated flavors.

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              Interesting rememberances about Uncle Gaylord's. They did not offer sugar cones because he believed that they competed with the ice cream - a no-no. Also recommended that you wait for several minutes for the ice cream to melt somewhat for maximum enjoyment. If the ice cream was too frozen it would numb your taste buds robbing you of the opportunity to fully appreciate his ice cream.
              A man with a vision!

              1. re: gordon wing

                Right, to this day, I still feel a twinge of guilt when i ask for a sugar cone with my ice cream anywhere.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  When I was a teen I worked one summer in an ice cream shop where we made four flavors of waffle cones. I guess Old Uncle Gaylord would be spinning in his grave!

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        Alexandra Eisler


        I can only imagine the milk shakes will RULE!

        Although after a long, hot day floating down the Russian River, it's hard to beat a root beer float from Pick's...

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          What was so impressive is that he has TWO freezer cases of flavors to choose from. Other Lappert's outlets might only have 6 flavors or so.

          Yes, Pick's is great. I've had many a bacon cheese burger with Pick's red relish. Shakes and floats use Clover-Stornetta ice cream.