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Jan 10, 2001 12:06 AM

Best Place for Kobe Beef?

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Any suggestions? Thanks for all your previous help -- just discovered the site and the suggestions have been great so far!

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  1. Best Kobe I've had (and I think the second or third best meal) was at French Laundry - yeah I know - it's not a realistic suggestion - but you asked!!

    One place where it's not worth it is at Harris'. The Kobe steak there is $65, and while the quality is good, that grain taste of Kobe does not go well charred like an average NY or Porterhouse.

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      I've had Kobe beef twice at La Foret in the New Almaden area of San Jose. They seem it to have it often as a special at about $45.

      You can also get Wagyu beef at Juban in Menlo Park (a Japanese cook-on-the-table grill place that is really a Japanese style Korean BBQ). Wagyu is also highly marbleized and melt-in-your-mouth tender. It is served sliced very thin at Juban. About $36 per full serving (good size for 2 with other grill meats/side dishes and just a taste for 4).

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        There is a Juban in Japan Center too, right in the building next to the theater. I like the Wagyu there and we usually get it, but for the price I am just as happy with the other beef.