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Jan 9, 2001 08:16 PM

Cosmopolitan Cafe

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Anybody been to Cosmopolitan Cafe in the city? If so, please tell!

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  1. I had a great dinner there, but it has been about 5 months now. We tried a variety of dishes between the two of us--maybe 3 apps, 1 entree and 1 dessert. They were very accommodating about mixing and matching several apps and one entree for us. Nice service. The pork chop was memorable, and we had some kind of killer sauteed gnocci. The dessert stood out too. We had a chocolate sampler, not the kind of thing I usually get (I go for fruit desserts). There were 3 items presented--one was a chocolate homemade Reeses-cup thing with fresh raspberry jam or sauce, really good, plus a rich cake and a pot de creme or something, can't quite remember. We felt it was good value and left feeling pretty happy.

    I have always really liked that beautiful 'jinxed' space (and the 3 previous restaurants). It is spoiled a bit by the second bar they put in on the lower level, but there were many people eating there, and as a long time afficionado of the shrinking solo counter-eating spots in the city, I note it for future reference.

    1. Just ate at Cosmopolitan Cafe last night. Thumbs up! (I think I like Chaz a little more though.)

      I had duck 3 ways for an appetizer - the best thing I had there. First, a duck ravioli in an amazingly flavorful broth. Next a tender, smoky tender slices of duck breast on frisee with a sprinkling of fried shallots (this was fabulous - just as good as the duck breast I had at the Bouley Bakery in NYC). And lastly, a duck calzone with some marinara sauce that pretty much flopped - duck didn't go well with tomato. 2 out of 3 isn't bad - besides, the hits were fantastic.

      Entree was a nicely grilled and juicy pork chops with collard greens and bacon and a side of macaroni and cheese (elevated with a hint of blue cheese). Good but not as good as the duck. Fans of comfort food will love this; I thought it was fine, but the duck somehow got me into the mood for something more sophisticated.

      I did go back to the basics for dessert though. Could never resist any dessert that was made-to-order, so I got chocolate chip cookies with milkshake. Great cookies (possibly some of the best I've ever had that wasn't homemade) - but I'm sure Grimes (see NY Board *grin*) would have complained about it being comfort food. I really enjoyed the gooey chocolate chips in the warm cookie.

      The two women in the next table stuck up a conversation with me and unloaded quite a bit of their desserts on me, so I sampled the ultrarich and delicious chocolate trio (chocolate cheesecake, chocolate angel food cake I think, and a thick chocolate mousse like thingy - don't ask me what it was - afterall I didn't order it) and a decent mango upsidedown cake of some sort. I think the chocolate trio was my favorite of the evening.

      Tab with a lovely glass of wine came to about $50 (not counting tip and the extra free bites of dessert).

      1. I had arranged to meet friends for drinks and then dinner at the restaurant. Unfortunately, 2 of us were in the upper bar and 1 was in the lower bar. The upper bar was incredibly crowded. When we realized our error, we headed to the lower bar. The manager was rude and told us we could not enter the lower bar. I explained we were meeting a friend who was at the end of the bar and having dinner there that night. He would not let even me into the bar to tell my friend that we could not join him. (There were empty seats at the lower bar.) I cancelled our dinner reservation and had a wonderful meal at One Market.