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May 30, 2006 04:03 PM

La Laiterie, Providence

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I was passing through Wayland Square this weekend and I noticed that La Laiterie, the restaurant connected to the Farmstead cheese shop, has opened. It seemed quite busy. Does anyone have any reports?


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  1. This place is fantastic. Only open for a week, but
    incredible "feel", solid service, unique cheeseboards, charcuterie, and a very inticing cafe style menu.

    I think the owner (of Farmstead) is the chef, and his wife does all of the baking/pastry. Great scallops, and an organic burger with vermont bleu cheese...

    The desserts are to die for- especially the Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble!

    An asset to the East Side. I hope they make it.

    I think their website is:

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    1. re: Pammy

      this place is already number two on my list of places to eat in providence. obviously not a "full" restaurant, but the folks at farmstead/la laiterie get good food. they get it in a way that none of the overpraised, more conventional places in town do.

      I had an amazing cheese platter (the sheep gouda is bonkers) and a really solid burger with awesome blue cheese and the scallops with lemon potatoes were outstanding too. homemade pickles, great local greens, spectacular beers and wines... and all at a reasonable price range, considering the extraordinary quality of the ingredients.

      1. re: celeriac

        Everyone else has already been showering La Laiterie with praise, so I'll just say I'm joining the chorus. Great space, wonderful wine/cheese/beer pairings, high quality food that's locally sourced, reasonable prices. A winner all around and one of my new favorite places in the city.

        - Garris
        Providence, RI

    2. Went to Farmstead's new winebar, La Laiterie, on Saturday night. We ended up going later than we had planned, and the place was booming! Great beer on tap!

      Great wine list, and interesting menu. The place is very small inside, but they make the best use of the space, I guess. Cool orange lights, oversized chalkboard, bar tables, soapstone bar, 'East Side funky'...I think the room will get more comfortable and 'broken in' as they grow into it.

      The food was great. Solid flavor combinations, classic touches, but fun takes on things- we had the Charcuterie plate (one of the best I've had anywhere, if you like meat), an amazing onion tart with a sweet crust, and then came dessert...a gooey strawberry rhubarb crumble, bubbling over the sides, and dripping with a sweet cream sauce- fantastic.

      Service was professional and helpful, but not overbearing. We have been customers of Farmstead for a couple of years now, and are so glad to see them
      doing well and now offering wine.

      The cheeseplates looked amazing- but we didn't get time! And there will be a next time, if not many more times!

      The only complaint was that we got the hint we needed to leave (around 11:15pm), when they turned on Nirvana on the stereo...I guess we were just having such a good time, we didn't realize what time it was.

      Go check out La Laiterie, as Farmstead has done it again.


      1. Well I came to the hound today to praise La Laiterie, but see that that has already been done in spades! So I concur fellow chowhounders, went there Saturday night and absolutely loved it!

        1. I have to say I disagree with some of the praise for La Laiterie. The wine and beer selection is excellent as well as absolutely delicious. Same goes for the cheese selection and platters.

          However, after dining there twice for dinner, the food left something to be desired. The first time I ordered a chicken pot pie, which came in a deconstructed fashion with pieces of chicken, which were cooked well but were tasteless with vegetables that were swimming in butter and a biscuit (the crust) which was very dry and extremely salty. My boyfriend ordered the burger with polenta fries which was decent. The second visit entailed a steak that was burnt on the ends, flavorless and cold in the middle, with incredibly salty spinach and dried shrivelled pieces of something that were supposed to be "roasted root vegetables." Unfortunately, I was not impressed. My boyfriend ordered the mac and cheese, which was managable.

          I think La Laiterie is a wonderful place for pre-dinner drinks and cheese or late night drinks dessert/cheese. Dinner there seems to be hit or miss. (Mostly miss, in my personal case.)

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          1. re: Vivren

            Funny, I think the chicken pot pie is spectacular, as are the biscuits... different strokes I guess.

            1. re: celeriac

              i agree. i got so excited about the chicken pot pie that i went home and re-created it a week later. and could eat umpteen baskets of the cheesy chive biscuits! i have to say i've never had a meal there that didn't make me ridiculously happy (it's unfortunately a block or two away from my apartment so i've eaten there a little too often for my paycheck in the last year), including the amazing desserts. the only thing i've experienced that wasn't so good was when my boyfriend ordered a radicchio & prosciutto salad, which was just overwhelmingly radicchio-like (i.e. inedibly bitter), but it probably would have been good to a serious radicchio fan.

              i wonder if perhaps they have a new member of the kitchen staff who's not up to snuff?

              1. re: ginqueen

                Honestly, I wonder if some of the inconsistency has to do with the overwhelming number of people that come to dinner each night.

                We have yet to eat a meal at La Laiterie, because the waits are always so long... we've only managed to sneak in for an early evening cheese platter (divine) or a late-night drink and dessert (perhaps even more divine). But, at this point, we're just not willing to wait 45-60 minutes for dinner.

                1. re: LMWW

                  that's interesting! i've never had to wait--definitely have gone when it's been so busy and loud i feel like my head will explode, but no waits...maybe it's because i usually go on weeknights and eat later, around 7:30. that might be a good strategy if you want to get in for dinner!

          2. Do they take reservations?