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Jan 9, 2001 02:36 PM

Good Churros?

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Where can I get a hot fresh churro in the Bay Area? Preferably with hot Mexican chocolate too.

Please don't send me to Costco . . .

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  1. Bueno!
    Have you tried Lolitas (Petaluma)? As I remember this little taqueria had churros, I don't think I gave them a taste though. Also , it's time for me to give up some of the best Mexican 411 in the Napa Valley. Villa Corona, well hidden in one corner of the Bel Air shopping center, is a gem. They not only offer the standard fare, but sell their own hand made tortillas and baked goods (they have a little paneicia on site) I would guess that they would have tasty churros, the menu has few weaknesses. Good luck darlin'. Keep us posted on your quest

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    1. re: Brandon

      At long last, a response to my question, and of course, it's you, Brandon!

      I've been spending a lot of time on your side of the hill. Am always interested in trying a new tortilla factory. Will post soon on my trial and error and with more questions.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Hi Mel!

        Just trying to give as much as I take. Any time a hound has a jones that I can help remedy I will happily be there.

        I have a great little annecdote for ya! Last October I took some vacation time in Montana to visit a buddy of mine. He is in charge of the wine and bar at the Big Easy Lodge in Big Sky ( his goal is to become a Master Sommieler, sound familiar?). Being a displaced Californian he often griped to me about the lack of Mexican food. The day before I left I went to Villa Corona and got a bag of corn tortillas, and a bag of flour tortillas. When I got to Montana we had a little dinner party. I made a huge batch of pastor and arroz and we grubbed. Most of the people present thought Mexican food came from Taco Bell. I think Scott felt a little less homesick after that. It's amazing what the flavors of home can do!


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      Brandon Nelson

      Hey Mel!

      As you can probably tell by the title recent recon work has produced bad news. Villa Corona no longer has a baker. Tanya and I grabbed breakfast there this morning (mourning!) and recieved the bad news. It's unbelievable how sad empty bake cases look! It's still worth the trip for lunch and tortillas though.


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      1. re: Brandon Nelson

        Thanks for the update, you saved me a trip. Had a bland and boring burrito at Quinto Patio taqueria over by the outlet center. The proprietor asked me how I liked my meal and didn't take it too well when I told him the truth.

        1. re: Melanie Wong


          You met Roman! The dude is really a sweetheart, but the food there is well, vanilla. My family loves that place because it is so agreeable to their "gringo" palates. My mother and sister do very poorly on capsum. It causes sores in their mouthes.

          The lowdown on Napa mex. Las Playita tends to have the menu with the most fire (on Jefferson next to Mary's Pizza). Villa Corona gets all the local awards and has the most varied menue, not very spicy though (located in the Bel Air shopping center). Taqueria Rosarita (Main St.) pulls in a huge crowd, but I can never figure why, their food is the same kind of bland as Quinto Patio.

          Hope this is handy the next time you're in town.


          1. re: Brandon

            You're right, the man's so nice, he probably never hears a critical word. The burrito was absolutely pointless, well, I must admit the flour tortilla was of very high quality with an elastic chewiness.

            A place I've liked is Rancho Grande in American Canyon. While the fish taco sucked, the carnitas are very good and the machaca burrito rocks. Very good salsas too.

            I was driving through downtown Napa tonight and thought I'd stop in at Villa Corona (behind the bank in Bel Aire Plaze) but they were already closed at 8:30pm. I saw a Tacos Acapulco but didn't chance it. The only other place I could remember and knew I could find was La Playitas, but they were locking up as I pulled in.

            So I ended up at Mary's Pizza Shack which is open until 10pm. It's been a year since my last time there. Don't really like the pizzas that much so decided to go basic with spaghetti and meatball (one huge one). The accompanying caesar salad was soggy although full of anchovy flavor. The spaghetti turned out to be wonderful. Firm and toothsome pasta, clean fresh tasting sauce that's not sugared up, and the meatball has a light almost fluffy texture and is seasoned to a turn. Homey and soothing. The wait staff have always been friendly and helpful here.