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May 28, 2006 02:04 PM

Lunch in Kennebunkport

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We're taking a trip to Portland, but planning one day in Kennebunkport to check out a furniture store (Huston & Co) at 226 Log Cabin Rd. and the Seashore Trolley Museum at 195 Log Cabin Rd.

Where's good nearby for a casual lunch with our 4 year old? Great chowder, fried clams, lobster roll etc would be wonderful, but we'd rather have great something else than so-so seafood.

It looks like it's maybe a couple of miles to downtown Kennebunkport and Alisson's and Arundel's Wharf seem to get some good mentions. Any other thoughts? Anythig wonderful without have to drive into Kennebunkport, as I assume the parking will be horrendous?


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    1. Both Allisons and Hurricane are in Kennebunkport and there is a municipal parking lot in the back. I am not sure about Allisons but Hurricane has a back entrance directly from the lot. No problem with parking. Hurricane has nice food- fish dishes,baked stuffed lobster, etc. No fried clams or lobster rolls- need to go to Allisons for that.

      Ogunquit is another 20 minutes (depending on time of day and day and season) from Kennebunkport. It is very good.

      1. Just got back from vacation in Kennebunkport and here is what we encountered:
        Allison's was good for a traditional New England lunch, although the service is a little rough around the edges.
        Federal Jack's is good for a beer but the food and service was simply terrible.
        Hurricane isn't worth your time or energy. Overpriced for poor food and lack luster service.
        Bandaloop was fun for a VERY casual dinner.
        On the Marsh was not worht ALL the hype. Food was very basic, yet tried to be chic and way over-priced.
        Windows on the Water was excelent for lunch, both in food and service. So much so that we returned for dinner and that was also excellent.
        Arundel Wharf again is a great place for an afternoon cocktail on the deck but avoid the food.
        Big Fish = BIG Dissapointment.
        Grissini's is just an over-priced Macaroni Grill
        Clam Shack was fun but very expensive for what you got...most expensive lunch of our vacation and at a walk-up counter with no seating.

        This was out experience from 7-26 thru 8-7 2006. Hope it helps.

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          I agree that Federal Jack is best omitted save perhaps for a beer as suggested, One of the truely terrible nights out was there - food was not good, service was terrible and they even managed to charge extra for a slice of bread to dip in the broth. I found Arundel Wharf to be more than satisfactory. The food is not outstanding but good enough (simple fare would describe it I guess) if that suggests anything to you. We enjoy the setting and agree that drinks on the water adds a special something.

        2. I HIGHLY recommend Bartley's Dockside. You'll get the usual, tasty Kennebunkport food there (claims, lobster rolls, etc.), but what really makes it is their blueberry pie. Quite simply, it's orgasmic. The best I've ever had (and blueberry pie is my all-time favorite).

          1. I love Windows on the Water, I will second that recommendation.

            Also for a casual meal, I like Allisons, it's where the locals go.

            In Kennebunk, off of Main St., there is a side street with a bakery, that serves excellent breakfasts. Can't remember the name sorry, but it's soo good.